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    Explore the tourist attractions in the city of Reykjavik

    The city of ReykjavikThe city of Reykjavik is located in Iceland and it is not just a city but it is a destination that has numerous beautiful wonders and natural landscapes inside it. At least 60 percent of the population that exists in Iceland can be found in this particular city. The tourists can’t get over how beautiful and mesmerizing the city is. The natural landscapes that exist in the city are untouched and they still look like they used to look several years back. One can easily fall in love with the city because it is surrounded by captivating architecture, restaurants, summertime, etc. The city offers rich and exuberant wintertime along with creating an extremely friendly and energetic atmosphere for the tourists.

    There are a lot of reasons behind the City of Reykjavik, Iceland being one of the most popular cities over the internet. Some of the reasons are listed below:

    Why you should Visit Reykjavik

    1. Nature

    The Icelandic nature of the city is what makes it stand out among the many other cities over the world. The city is diverse in terms of geysers, volcanoes, which has managed to influence the people to a certain extent. The volcanoes in the city are quite active and many tourists can easily be spotted here.

    2. Sports

    The people who live in Iceland are great when it comes to playing or participating in sports and different physical activities. The women who live in Iceland have managed to achieve the status of the “Fittest on Earth”, three times after they participated in the Cross-Fit World Championships.

    3. People are the happiest

    Icelanders are considered to be the third happiest population in the world if the World Happiness Report is to be believed. Their happiness is attributed to factors like GDP per capita, life expectancy, social support and the freedom that they are given to make their own life choices. The levels of their happiness are well-maintained even after they faced the worst economic crisis way back in 2007.

    4. People are allowed access to the house of the President

    The people of Iceland are given access to walk up to the house of the president. It is open for the population as it is not surrounded by any sort of security system. One can spot many people or tourists near the house as the location and the environment around are quite unique. There are tourists who simply knock on the door or click selfies.

    Swimming Pools in Reykjavik5. Swimming Pools and Reykjavik

    The swimming pools in the city are quite huge and many locals can be spotted here. There are 18 swimming pools in the city and it is the most popular activity among the local population. The pools can be accessed easily throughout the year because they have heated water. People can easily enjoy a cozy bath in winter. The swimming pools in Iceland are not any other ordinary pool that can be found easily anywhere. It is a form of a luxury spa and one needs to pay an entry fee in order to enter.

    6. Book a local activity

    The local activities in Reykjavik are what attract the tourists as well as the locals to participate actively. One can book a scenic helicopter ride as it is going to help them enjoy the view of the mountains from the top. Another popular and most famous tourist activity that exists is whale watching and puffin tours.

    7. Nightlife

    The nightlife at Reykjavik is what can bring out the adrenaline rush in you. Going out in the night and strolling on the streets of Reykjavik, one can easily spot people who are drunk. They are either so drunk that they can’t walk or they are looking for an after-party where they can drink with their fellow friends till dawn. The city is full of entertainment, which includes live theater, comedy, opera, drama, etc.

    8. Cuisine

    The cuisine offered in the city is truly delicious and it includes both local and international cuisine, which means that there is something for everyone.

    Tourist Attractions in Reykjavik

    1. National Museum

    In order to come close to the history that exists in Iceland one needs to visit the National Museum. It has objects that can take us back in time at least 1,200 years ago. In Iceland, one needs to visit the National Museum. It has objects that can take us back in time at least 1,200 years ago. There are more than 2,000 objects and over 1000 photographs that can help the tourists to have a closer look at history.

    Harpa in Reykjavik2. Harpa

    If you are fond of attending concerts or opera shows then Harpa is the right place for you. It is a concert hall and a conference center that is located on the water in the old Harbour. The project started way back in 2007 but due to come financial crisis it was completed in 2011. Tourists visit the place to enjoy the café or restaurants near the place and if they are lucky enough then they can easily catch a glimpse of a free exhibition or 360 degrees movie that, which highlights the natural, wonders that exist in Iceland.

    3. Viðey Island

    Another place that gets a lot of support from the tourists because of its beauty is that Videy Island. The island is surrounded by various modern, cultural, and historical architecture. The place can be explored either on the bike or on foot. Many tourists go out on a hunt to find the oldest churches that are located in the area such as the Videy House. The Videy House is known for being the first structure that exists in Iceland, which is made up of stone.

    4. Whale watching Tour

    One cannot miss out on the whale watching tour if they are visiting Iceland. It is one of the most popular and most famous tourist attractions. It includes an extremely close encounter with the humpback whales. However, during the tour to the whale watching exhibit one can easily come across other wildlife as well, which includes dolphins as well.

    Rent a car in Reykjavik5. Downtown Reykjavik

    The downtown area in Reykjavik is worth exploring as it is surely going to give you an experience that you might not have received anywhere else. Only 1.7 km from the Reykjavik Airport, there are numerous souvenir shops that offer beautiful souvenirs. Tourists can purchase them for their family or for their loved ones. The boutiques that exist in the city are selling unique items, which include volcanic rock pottery or the very famous Icelandic wool clothing. Strolling in the city can take you through the waterfront walkway or through the fine architecture that the city is occupied with.

    6. Thermal Pools

    There are 17 pools in the city that are known as thermal pools because they are heated and therefore swimming is done throughout the year. The pools are naturally heated because they have natural geothermal water. It is one of the best and most famous community meeting spots for the locals of the city as it helps them relax their mind, body, and soul. However, the best and the ultimate experience would be to visit the Blue Lagoon. It gives a very peaceful and calm feeling while soaking up and it has numerous healing benefits as well for the people.

    7. Day Trip to Mount Esja

    The best and most famous day trip that tourists actively indulge in is the trip to Mount Esja. The experience of hiking on one of the best trails can be very adventurous. In order to boost up the spirit of the people, the mountain has a lot of signs that indicate the levels of difficulty. People who love adventures might just take every sign as a challenge to continue with their hiking journey.

    8. Perlan Museum

    If you wish to explore the Icelandic Natural wonders then a visit to the Perlan Museum is the must. It has a vast variety of state of the art exhibits and each piece of art has a theme that focuses on the natural wonders within Iceland. It would be quite common for you to find something related to the cliffs or famous volcanoes that exist in the country.

    Puffins in Reykjavik9. Harbour Area

    The Old Harbour Area is the departure spot for activities like watching tours and puffin excursions. The place offers a beautiful sight to Mount Esja and each and every moment spent here is worth capturing. There are many vibrant colored buildings located in the area and each of them is made up with the help of a fishnet. They are transformed into cafes, restaurants or stores.

    10. Bruarfoss Waterfall

    The Bruarfoss Waterfall is the most mesmerizing and captivating waterfall that exists in Reykjavik, Iceland. The waterfall has natural blue water which often seems unreal. The waterfall is actually made up of different springs that are converging at one point. The area can be quite slippery due to water therefore exploring it can be a bit difficult than usual. This is a perfect spot to capture the best yet the most memorable pictures of your trip to the city of Reykjavik, Iceland.

    11. Grotta Lighthouse

    The Grotta lighthouse still stands tall after so many years. It was built in 1897 and ever since then many tourists visit this place either for a walk or for bird-watching opportunities. However, if someone wishes to visit it then make sure that they go through the timings of the high and low tides as it can be dangerous visiting the place when it is expecting them. Reykjavik is the most popular city over the internet and the fact that most of its historical and natural remains are still untouched is what makes it worth visiting.

    Discover Reykjavik with a car rental

    When traveling you need to have complete tranquility and support so that you can enjoy your stay in Iceland, that is why Auto Europe offers you the lowest prices on the market accompanied by the professionalism that we have had for more than 65 years. Rent a car with us in Reykjavik and obtain that independence for your comfort.

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