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    Escaping the Daily Grind: The Coffees of Europe

    Espresso!Joe, java, cafe, cuppa, almighty lifeblood: Coffee is known by many names, but is possibly served in even more variations. With beans grown in approximately 50 countries and shipped almost everywhere else, there are few products that are more international than coffee. In fact, it's almost impossible to travel to a place where you cannot enjoy the comfort and cheer of a hot cup of coffee, though what you are served might be somewhat different from the familiar drip you have at home. Whatever you call it, the warm, dark beverage that adds bounce to your daily routine can also be incorporated into your travel experience. At Auto Europe, we delight in all types of coffee, but we would travel far and wide to imbibe these heavy brews!

    Italian Espresso Whether or not your rental car in Italy comes with cup holders, you should forgo the to-go cup and stay in the cafe to savor an espresso. You can consume an espresso quickly from a tiny cup and be back on the road, exploring Italy in no time flat. Don't be deceived by the cute little mug, either. While espressos are small, they pack nearly as much caffeine as much larger servings of drip coffee. This robust brew is made by forcing very hot water through fine grinds. If you desire something creamier, you can order a cappuccino, and enjoy a frothy milk and espresso infusion. The cappuccino is traditionally a morning drink, whereas straight espresso can be enjoyed all day. 

    Turkish Coffee Turkish CoffeeTurkish coffee is prepared when a fine grind is boiled briefly in a copper pot, usually with sugar, and then served in a cup where the grounds are allowed to settle. Filtration is not involved. The resultant brew is both strong and thick, so the serving cup is often quite small. Be warned: sip carefully so as to not end up with a mouth full of gritty sediment!While it's called Turkish coffee and could certainly be enjoyed in a coffeehouse in Istanbul, this time-honored method of coffee preparation is enjoyed throughout North Africa, Eastern Europe and the Middle East, with minor variations. It's common in Bulgaria, for instance, to honor the practice of reading one's fortunes in the leftover grinds at the bottom of the cup. In Ukraine, the thick coffee is enhanced with the addition of cinnamon and cardamom. 

    French Cafes Paris, France is famous for its sidewalk cafes. When you are touring France in a rental car, make sure to budget some time to mull over a cafe au lait and watch stylish pedestrians wander by. Cafe au lait is a palatable favorite, with a strong brew, much like espresso, combined with steamed milk. This is usually served in a wide mouthed cup to allow you to dunk a pain au chocolat or plain croissant. 

    Irish Coffee Supposedly created near Shannon Airport in the 1940's to steady the nerves of American tourists after long flights, this caffeinated cocktail contains equal parts 'pick me up' and 'put me back down.' Combining hot coffee, heavy cream and spicy Irish whiskey, the zest of Irish coffee will warm you on any chilly winter night. You will want to practice moderation, though, because, in morning light, Ireland's rugged landscape and cultural trappings will beckon. You will need to hop into your Irish rental car with a clear head to truly begin your Emerald Isle adventure!

    Much like coffee, Auto Europe can assist you wherever you might travel. We serve vehicle rentals in approximately 8,000 locations, worldwide. Call us at 1-888-223-5555 to arrange a car rental for your next trip abroad. We guarantee the best rates in the car rental industry, and back up our rentals with stellar customer service and around-the-clock rental support.

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