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    Cowboy car rental tour in Texas

    Texas road trip Auto Europe

    Tell us, what comes to mind when you think of cowboys? Does your imagination conjure up images up gun-slinging bandits with a tooth to pick? Are you reminded of Clint Eastwood or John Wayne looking tough in a Western film? Perhaps Woody from Toy Story? Well, what about discount car rentals in Texas from us at Auto Europe? Based on the wild frontiers in which these cow wranglers operate in the Lone Star State, you’re definitely going to need a reliable USA rental car to see what this cultural heritage is all about! After all, Texas is a pretty ginormous state, but luckily it's well-connected to get from one location to another. So saddle up, the following blog post delves into Texas’ prevalent cowboy culture in the following cities! But first, a little history lesson.

    How did the American cowboy originate in Texas?

    While often sensationalized in popular culture between Western flicks and romance novels, cowboys actually derive from Spain and early European settlers during the colonial days of the Americas. By the early 1700s, the Spanish had introduced cattle ranching not only in Texas but also Arizona, New Mexico, as well as Argentina. While we call these folks cowboys, the Spanish word is "vaquero" or even "gaucho" in South America. Rather than being lawless bandits as portrayed in films, today's American cowboys continue with the tradition of herding cattle and performing other duties on North American ranches.

    Of course, being a cowboy or cowgirl involves extremely physically demanding labor, yet this strong work ethic paired with a true grit. While this attitude is present throughout many cultures and terrains, this blog will showcase the world of lassos and rodeos in the quintessential U.S. state for cowboy culture: Texas. You won’t be finding cowboys everywhere in Texas, but they’re definitely the most common in the Texas Hill Country around Austin and San Antonio. Expect to find plenty of Western wear stores, steakhouses, saloons, gun stores, rodeos, country music, and maybe an American truck dealership or two in this scenic neck of the woods!

    Cowboy sites with San Antonio, Austin and Lubbock car rentals

    San Antonio, TX car rental Auto Europe

    To visit the Cowboy Capital of the World, you can take your Austin or San Antonio rental car to Bandera, which may have less than 1,000 people but is home to many ranches, motels, RV campsites, cabins, etc. Here is where visitors can culturally immerse themselves in the cowboy world at Mayan Dude, Dixie Dude, Flying L, and Rancho Cortez ranches where they can stay for days at a time. Some sources even say that San Antonio is the birthplace of the American cowboy with rope steering, bull riding, and busting broncos dating back to the city's colonial days at Mission ranches. Serving as reminders of the past, these relics can be found across Texas Hill Country with numerous cultural heritage attractions. Every February San Antonio also hosts the Stock Show and Rodeo full of authentic food, music and bulls!

    Top Austin, TX car rental Auto Europe

    Saddle up for some more whimsical car rental adventures in Texas, ladies and gentlemen. Close to San Antonio is also the state capital, Austin. Its motto may be “keep Austin weird” but the city still exudes a special cowboy ambiance that newcomers will surely appreciate. Take your affordable Austin rental car to the local rodeo or plenty of horseback riding opportunities in Texas Hill Country. Some of the most popular horse ranches around Austin include Little Buckaroo, Texas Trail Rides, and Maverick. To fit the part, can even purchase their very own set of cowboy kicks at Allens Boots with the largest selection in the country, over 4,000 pairs to choose from to be exact!

    Farther away but worth the visit is the small city of Lubbock in western Texas near the Panhandle. For many, Lubbock also represents a cultural mecca of American cowboys. After all, this hub is home to the National Cowboy Symposium in celebration of Western heritage and cowboy culture, not to mention numerous Lubbock rental cars to choose from! Festivities happen every September with lots of with chuck wagons, music, poetry, food and cultural activites to go around for the whole family. Another one of Lubbock’s most renowned annual events is Ranch Day held at the National Ranching Heritage Center (NRHC) every April full of games and educational activities.

    Other famous cowboy cities in Texas

    • Odessa, TX
    • Bryan, TX
    • Longview, TX
    • Amarillo, TX
    • Waco, TX
    • Wichita Falls, TX

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