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    Come Sail Away | Sailing in Europe

    We at Auto Europe understand that traveling isn't just about the destination, but how you get there. That's why we specialize in providing stylish and comfortable rental car options to suit any budget. This gives you the chance to take control of your travels.

    It's not just a trip; after all, it's a journey. However, if your travel yearnings go beyond the endless freedom of the open road, you should consider the vast high seas. Whether you choose to spend an afternoon in a swift little sloop for one or two, or charter a large schooner with an expert crew, there are few thrills that can rival that of harnessing the wind. If you crave the gentle roll of the tidal swells or the sweetness of salt air, here are a few great locales for a seaworthy vacation:

    Ireland CoastPortugal
    Pretty Portugal sets the stage for aquatic adventures in a diverse array of venues. For a magnificent, check out the bay of Lisbon. Not only will you find warm surf, green hillsides and friendly pods of dolphins, you can always head to shore for the hip nightlife, gorgeous parks and ancient churches. A Lisbon car rental can get you around the city, out to the harbors and back to the airport in no time flat. If you're looking for something a little wilder, dock up in Algarve to tour the lush and volcanic Azores, a popular location for hiking, biking, kayaking, surfing, and yes, sailing. Sail out to the Aran Islands and see the cliffs of Inishmore!

    The Emerald Isle is well-loved for its history, culture, whiskey and whimsically tragic sea shanties. For smooth sailing, I would recommend the traditional port of Galway in the summer months. Surfers, swimmers and sailors all flock here for the long, warm sunny days. The Saltill Beaches and Connemara National Park both offer incredible scenery for nature lovers, but then you can also head to short for a pint in the historic Quay Street. Advanced sailors can truly make the most of the blue skies and smooth seas by journeying out to the Aran Islands to get right into the heart of Gaelic culture.

    Ride the warm winds of the Adriatic Sea in Montenegro. While only slightly larger than the state of Connecticut, this country boasts more than 180 miles of breathtaking coastline. The Gulf of Kotor is fondly referred to as the largest fjord in Southern Europe and it blesses its travelers with favorable winds, picturesque harbors and an ideal climate. Take a gander at the ancient Venetian ruins in the ancient city of Kotor, a lovely UNESCO World Heritage Site. As yet, it's not as well known as the nearby shores of Croatia, so it's a perfect destination for sailors seeking solitude. Check out Calanque des Goudes, near Marsailles, and see why the French Riviera is also called the Azure Coast!

    Marsailles CoastlineFrance
    When we talk about the French Riviera, we often like to discuss the glamour of the region. Indeed, it's long-favored port for the beautiful and elite, which is great for travelers who want to indulge in lavish accommodations and gourmet fare while they bask in the glowing sunlight of the Cote d'Azur. However, the lush Mediterranean coastline that extends from Toulon to Nice and Monaco is also blessed by miles of rugged inlets, dramatic cliffs and peaceful little islands where relaxation is practically guaranteed. Bask in the shady palms of Port Cros, or, for bonus points, take a long cruise of the entire coastline all the way to the gorgeous commune of Portofino in Italy.

    You can launch your own epic odyssey in Greece. Rich in ancient ruins, natural scenery and a warm friendly culture, this nautical nation provides a wide selection of islands to tour and an intriguing mainland with many coves and beaches to explore. You can see for yourself what is so mythic about the Cyclades Islands or coastal Patras. For a more urban experience, you can dock in Athens and explore thousands of years of history while taking advantage of modern amenities in this metropolitan world city. If you're planning to dock and launch a road trip, Auto Europe has great tips for rental car travel in Greece.Docking in a beautiful marina should never mean that the journey has come to an end, especially not when Auto Europe provides discount rates on car rentals in more than 10,000 convenient locations throughout the world. Once you get your land legs back, you will enjoy hitting the pedals of our widely varied fleets and exploring the lands and seas of your dreams.

    Our expert reservationists are available to help you with your car rental 24/7 when you dial 1-888-223-5555. You can also use our web site to check out our incredible online deals and reserve your car in just minutes. We can't wait to help you start your dream trip!

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