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    9 Fun Things to do in Montenegro: A Road Trip Guide

    Guest Blog Series - We've asked travel experts to provide their advice and insights on the best European road trips. This guest blog post is a collaborative effort from three notable travel bloggers: Dave from Jones Around the World, Liesbeth from Lilis Travel Plans, and Dan from Dan Flying Solo. In this post they share the 9 Best Things to do in Montenegro while on a road trip. Learn more about their group road trip to Montenegro below. A road trip is always better with friends!

    Montenegro is a small country, famous for its beautiful coast line and magnificent towering mountains. With a population of just under 700,000 people it might not be on your radar yet but that is all about to change. Where is Montenegro? It is nestled along the Balkan Peninsula along the Adriatic Sea.Given the remote nature of some of the most beautiful parts of this country three top travel bloggers ventured off on a road trip to report back on the places you simply can't miss and why a car is essential.

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    Dave from shares his favourite nightlife and sunset stops from his #EuropeanRoadTrip

    1. Durmitor National Park

    Durmitor National Park Montenegro

    When it comes to natural beauty that can be found in Montenegro, I don't think you're going to find something more captivating and beautiful than the mountainous landscape in Durmitor National Park. The entire time we were driving through this area, I was in complete awe. The fresh mountain air mixed with the natural beauty was truly breathtaking. I had never heard of this park before coming to Montenegro, and we only discovered this after looking at a map and doing some research -- but it quickly became the highlight of our time in Montenegro. While most people who come to this beautiful country stick to the coastline, I can't recommend enough getting up to the North, and witnessing this beautiful landscape for yourself.

    2. Budva

    Budva Nightlife

    Montenegro isn't exactly known for it's vibrant nightlife, and it is far from being a top 'party destination' in Europe.  With that being said, I was thoroughly impressed with the lively bar and music scene that can be found in Old Town, Budva. It was Friday night, the streets were packed with gorgeous people, and you could feel the positive energy all around you. There was a solid mix of locals and tourists that were all dressed in their finest attire, and were out looking for a good time. After we had a few drinks at a couple different hotspots, we took a local girl's advice and headed up to the mega club 'Top Hill'. We were all in shock upon arrival, because the venue is absolutely massive and could easily fit thousands of people. There was quality house music, decently affordable drinks, and a friendly atmosphere. It's no surprise we caught ourselves not leaving the club until 4:30 A.M.

    3. Sveti Stefan

    Sveti Stefan

    If you're looking for one of the most picturesque areas in Montenegro to spend a day and relax on the beach, there is no better option than the charming coastal village of Sveti Stefan. There's not too much to do, but that's kind of the point. Find a spot on the beach, grab yourself a cold beverage, and just enjoy your time. This is also one of the best spots to watch the sunset while visiting Montenegro. The way the sun slowly falls behind the mountains in the distance is mesmerizing, and you'll definitely want your camera to capture the moment.

    Liesbeth from fell in love with the nature, her top three highlight the beauty of the country

    4. Piva

    Piva National Park

    Located in the north of Montenegro, near the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina, the region of Piva wowed me with its stunning landscapes. The Piva river cuts through the limestone mountains, forming huge lakes and impressive canyons. The water's so clear that you can see through it even though you're standing more than 1000 meters above it. We followed the road winding up north from Pluzine for about 15 kilometers and stopped at pretty much every possible viewpoints, we just couldn't get enough of it. Other possible activities are camping or rafting down the river. I loved this area because there's a surprise behind every turn. Every viewpoint is different and the further north you go, the more spectacular the views.

    5. Pluzine

    Pluzine Lake

    On the road leading from the South of Montenegro towards Piva right next to one of the lakes, the town of Pluzine and its surroundings offer amazing views of the river. Make sure to be there before sunset, stay in one of the bungalows near the lake, connect with the locals over some grappa and get up early for sunrise. Totally off the beaten path, this place is perfect for getting away from the connected world for a couple of days.

    6. Skadar Lake

    Lake Shokder

    On our way to Albania, we drove around the amazing Skadar Lake, the biggest lake of the Balkan peninsula right on the border between Montenegro and Albania. The highlight of this visit is definitely the horseshoe bend and if you're lucky like we were, you'll get the views all to yourself! If you want to extend the fun, stay in one of the villages around the lake for a night or two.

    Dan from got caught up in the detail of the countries towns and cities for his top three places to explore

    7. Kotor

    Kotor Montenegro

    The charming city of Kotor which sits next to the stunning blue bay of Kotor was rightly so voted one of Lonely Planets 'Best in Travel' winners for 2016. Inside the fortified walls of the old city lies a maze of small lanes, boutique shops, quaint coffee houses and restaurants tempting you in with both local and international flavours. A popular destination for cruise boats to dock I highly recommend visiting early morning or later afternoon to try and avoid the crowds. Attempting to take the hike to the fortress in the mid-day heat for the panoramic views of the bay from below is futile (trust me, I tried!) Also, keep an eye out for all the stray cats that call this city home, you won't be able to miss them.

    8. Tivat

    Tivat Montenegro

    The modern and luxurious waters of Tivat are home to luxury yachts, high standard apartments and small stretches of beach flanked by restaurants that deserve a bit of dressing up for the evening. The still blues of the water with the white boats bobbing up and down make it the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of the Kotor old town and simply sip on a coffee (or the local Montenegro Amaro Spirit) and people watch before topping up your tan on the sand barely metres away.

    9. Podgorica

    Podgorica, Montenegro

    On first glances the capital city of Podgorica could be easily missed. Nestled in the flatter lands between the sun kissed coast and the magnificent mountains this under estimated city doesn't draw the crowds that its beach rivals do. Take a stroll along the river however and see how the modern architecture of the malls and central bridge blend against the worn older houses (and sometimes ruined architecture and abandoned trains) and you get a feeling of old and new all at once. It is also the perfect place to stop and recharge your batteries (and a little retail therapy) before carrying on from coast to the mountains.
    This guest post was contributed as a collaborative effort from Dave from Jones Around the World, Liesbeth from Lilis Travel Plans, and Dan from Dan Flying Solo.

    dave jones around the worldDave of Jones Around the World is a travel blogger and photographer from Southern California. He is constantly searching for the best cities, beaches, islands, and mountains.

    LiliLiesbeth (Lilis Travel Plans) is a Belgian travel blogger who's always looking for new places to discover and stories to tell. She focuses on first-hand travel experiences, people and emotions. She gives practical information about destinations and shows a real and honest side of travel, to inspire people and make them want to pack their bags.

    Dan Flying soloDaniel is a full time traveler who spends his time hunting down unique hotels and restaurants that make you go wow, finding the more unusual and off beat destinations and getting to know the local life.


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