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    A True Auto Europe Rescue Story - 'Guaranteed Best Service'

    What Does 'Guaranteed Best Service' Really Mean?

    Guaranteed Best ServiceAt Auto Europe we're in the business of satisfying clients. Sure, car rentals are our area of expertise, but providing the best support and customer service in the industry (as well as unbeatable low prices) is what sets us apart from the rest.We're happy to step up to the plate for our valued partners and customers. Whatever may happen on your travels abroad, you can rest assured that you're backed by the best in the business.But just what do we mean when we say 'guaranteed best service'? Take the example of Sandra, a travel agent who booked a car for her client through Auto Europe:
    'I booked a vehicle for my client Roger back in October 2015. The vehicle I booked was for 14 days, it was an intermediate car 4 door manual transmission with A/C. The rental fee was $391.29 total tax included for the whole time. At the time we were working on several items for Roger, and we were trying to get things done in a timely manner. We finished with all the bookings and I emailed my client all the confirmations, including the one for Auto Europe back on the 23rd of October 2015.'

    Good thinking booking ahead, Sandra! Locking in a pre-paid rate in advance is the only way to protect yourself and your client from inevitable price fluctuations.

    'Roger didn't report back to me with any questions. I did call him several times asking him if he needed anything because time was getting close for his departure and he kept on saying 'no, I am ok' A few days prior departure, I called him again to make sure everything was ok and also to remind him to take extra money for the drop off fee on the vehicle. At that point he said I never mentioned it to him. I stated we had talked about it but I didn't mention it again, but I did email him the letter I received from Auto Europe back in October 2015 which clearly states that he had a drop off fee. Roger was clearly upset and demanded that I honor the price of ONLY $391.29 and NO DROP OFF FEES!'

    Auto Europe works hard to ensure that all additional fees are clearly disclosed and it is important for clients to review their voucher! Any other travel agent would be stuck with an unhappy client at this point, but luckily Sandra booked with Auto Europe.

    'At that point I reached out to [Auto Europe] customer service. Spoke to Beth and explained the situation, and she promptly responded. It was amazing what they did for me!! I cannot thank you all enough for all the hard work and the time everyone took to help me resolve the situation. I received a phone call not too long after I emailed the letter, and they advised me that Roger no longer had to pay the drop off fee!!!! Because they had another client that rented a vehicle in Rome and was supposed to take it back to Spain and he didn't, so they needed a person to pick up the vehicle in Rome and drop it off in Spain!!! OMG!! What a coincidence!! So all my client had to do is pick up the vehicle in Rome, take his tour as scheduled and drop it off in Spain! Just like he was going to do anyway! But without having to pay that high drop off fee!!! I could not believe what was happening!'

    Auto Europe's close relationships with major rental companies enable us to collaborate directly with suppliers to find solutions others simply can't. We're always happy to put in the extra work to help a partner and client in need!

    'But this was not all!!! Of course the client was very happy after learning that he no longer had to pay the drop off fee, plus he was also going to be upgraded to a much larger and better vehicle!!……. When he arrives into Rome, and shows up at car rental desk, they ask him for a credit card, and he didn't have one (he had left it at home, and only took his debit). He tried to use his debit and they [local car rental company] would not accept it because he didn't have enough money to cover deposit!!! My goodness! Another problem! he calls me from Europe all worried. I call Auto Europe and I email again. Then I didn't hear back from the client, tried to call his cell and finally he answers, and tells me that Auto Europe stepped in AGAIN!! They either waived the deposit or they used Auto Europe's own debit account to help him out and get his vehicle on the road!!'

    Many people do not realize that requiring a credit card is standard procedure for almost any car rental. Since this became a prevalent issue among clients, we have added a special section to all Auto Europe confirmation emails highlighting what a client will need to bring with them to pick up their car. Our goal is to keep all our clients informed with simple and easy-to-understand car rental information!'

    Auto Europe did so much for us!!! It was amazing! I want to thank you all so much for everything you all did to get my client on the road! I will definitely keep on doing business with you all and will recommend it to all of our clients!'- Sandra, Travel Agent and Auto Europe Partner

    Thank you for sharing your rescue story, Sandra!

    Situations like these show Auto Europe's industry-leading value in action. More than just great prices, Auto Europe offers a superior rental experience from the time of booking to after the rental period is over. Our experienced agents will be at your service, ready and willing to do everything possible to resolve any issue in your favor. With a force like Auto Europe on your side, it's easy to relax with confidence that your rental is in good hands.Customers that never need to waste time worrying about their rental so they can spend more time enjoying their vacation instead; that is exactly what we aim to achieve through our guaranteed best service.

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