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    Auto Europe Rescue Story: A Real-Life Story

    Rescue StoryIt's no secret that we here at Auto Europe pledge to provide the highest level of customer service available. From our best price and Ready to Go Pickup guarantees to our toll-free 24/7 phone support team, we are committed to providing each and every one of our valued clients with an affordable and hassle-free car rental experience.But the value of our pledge extends beyond great prices and promises. With a dedicated attention to detail we serve clients on a personal level, solving individual problems and issues no matter what sort of specialized attention it takes.That being said, there's nothing more telling about our true colors than what our real clients have to say about us. We think this true story provides an excellent example of how the Auto Europe advantage benefits our customers:

    The Incident, Rescue, and Resolution

    The Client: Joan visited Germany with a group of 15 adults and 1 infant, all of whom had luggage for their 12-day trip. The party rented 3 vans online through Auto Europe.

    The Issue: When Joan arrived to pick up the vehicles, she realized there was not enough room to accommodate all 15 passengers, an infant, and a large amount of luggage among the 3 vehicles. The local rental company maintained that Joan received the vehicles she had booked and so couldn't do anything to help her. Without anywhere else to turn, Joan called Auto Europe.

    Auto Europe's Response: Although it was 4AM EST, an Auto Europe agent answered Joan's call immediately and got the details behind her issue. Rather than leaving Joan out in the cold when it seemed there was nothing else to do, Auto Europe leveraged its long-standing relationship with the local rental company to reach a solution that any other direct client would never have been able to get on their own.

    The Resolution: Auto Europe got Joan a 4th vehicle at no additional charge, granting her and her party plenty of room for their passengers and luggage.

    Here's Joan's Account of the Incident in Her Own Words:

    'I rented 3 vans from Auto Europe for use in May 2016. The paperwork went smoothly. Only when we arrived at the garage with our keys in hand did we find a huge problem. I had rented 3 vans which supposedly sat 7 people each. There were 15 adults and 1 baby, plus their luggage for 12 days. Our newly rented vehicles each sat only 4 people comfortably, 5 people if squished in the back! If the jump seats were used, absolutely no luggage would fit in the car. Therefore, we had room only for 12 people. A big problem.

    We first went back to the office to say that the cars were not vans and therefore not adequate, they said they had no other cars or vans to rent us. So I whipped out my cell phone and called Auto Europe.!  It was a long phone call, especially for the guy in Maine, where it was 4:00 in the morning! Finally, I got back on the phone with AE who said that the matter was resolved:  we would receive a fourth car gratis. Fortunately, we had a person in our group who agreed to drive the fourth car. I applaud Auto Europe for sticking up for me, a pretty loyal customer for about 18 years now. I am pretty sure Auto Europe would do the same for any customer.

    In this case, Auto Europe spent a long time resolving our issue,  I don't know who had to eat the cost of the extra vehicle, but our group did not pay for it. For the resolution of this problem, I am very grateful to Auto Europe, for their 24-7 customer service hotline and their 'pick-up on time guarantee or it's on us.! Auto Europe really backs up their promises.'

    Thank You, Joan, for Taking the Time to Tell Your Story!

    We at Auto Europe are proud to stand by our clients, especially when one is in need. Situations like these highlight the special benefits of booking with Auto Europe and paint a picture of exactly what we mean when we say 'guaranteed best service!'

    What are you waiting for? Call Auto Europe at 1-800-223-5555, and know that you're in good hands!

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