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    Anywhere in Time and Space: Travel with Doctor Who

    If you could go anywhere in time or space, what would you pick? This question never seems to tire, and may explain part of the lasting success of the Doctor Who franchise. With the upcoming November 23rd 'Day of the Doctor', the 50th anniversary of the beloved UK series, I have been thinking about the most intriguing locations that a roguish traveler might choose to take a companion. Over the past five decades, the versatile central character has taken his viewers almost everywhere and every time imaginable, from Aztec pyramids to the mouth of a black hole. If you're looking to include the enigmatic Time Lord in your travel plans, you might consider a stop at these equally enigmatic Doctor Who destinations. While the series has taken us many amazing places, these are some of the best.

    Our Favorite Doctor Who Destinations Around the World

    London, England
    Image of Big BenFollow in the footsteps of the fearsome Daleks, Cybermen and a plethora of aggressive aliens who chose to launch their Earth invasions in swinging London. Search for signs of Torchwood among the futuristic Canary Wharf towers or reminisce the many triumphs that occurred in Trafalgar Square. In between, you can stop in local pubs to exterminate a pint of ale and a plate of chips or simply pick up a bag of jelly babies to nibble as you go. You can touch history when you visit Shakespeare's Globe Theater, where the 10th doctor took his companion Martha Jones to meet the bard, himself.

    Cardiff, Wales
    It was BBC Wales that revived the beloved series after a hiatus, so the shining city of Cardiff not only contains the main Doctor Who studios; it also features a dense selection of outdoor filming locations. You'll be able to idly tour Cardiff Castle where the doctor saved his crew from deranged doppelgangers and then enjoy a rugby match in the futuristic Millennium Stadium, the very spot that the hated Daleks reappeared. If you choose, you can even take a themed Doctor Who guided tour or immerse yourself completely in the Doctor Who Experience adjoining the film studio. With the surrounding moors and beaches, mountains and forests, the unique geography of Wales is a no-brainer for film and TV shooting. It's also pretty ideal to freely cruise with a rental car! With the breathtaking scenery and freedom of the open road, you and your companions are sure to have a great time in Cardiff!

    Naples, Italy
    Pompeii, NaplesIn the episode 'The Fires of Pompeii' the Doctor and his companion Donna Noble unveiled a haunting alien plot as the fires of Vesuvius began to rain down on the city. Without going too far into spoilers, I will say that the ash-preserved remains of Pompeii are a unique and solemn sight to behold. With the convenience of a rental car in Naples, it's short drive to this once thriving Roman city where you can explore classical era ruins or hike in the impressive Vesuvius National Park and Crater. For those searching for a destination where they may travel through history and unearthly beauty, I can't recommend Italy nearly enough.

    Azores Islands, Portugal
    The mystical beauty of the classic episode, 'Planet of Fire' was lent by the stunning Azores Islands of Portugal. The remote volcanic archipelago provides a great backdrop to your own breathtaking adventures, be they hiking, surfing or a desperate race to prevent a long held sinister prophecy from coming to pass. With convenient pick-up locations in Ponta Delgada or Santa Maria, you'll quickly be on your way toward your own Azores mysteries and delights.

    Versailles, France
    Versailles, FranceOne of my favorite episodes of the new series featured a portal from a 51st century spaceship into a bedroom of 18th century Versailles. In this episode, the doctor meets the royal femme fatale, Madame de Pompadour and parties with the French nobility in between rescues, romance, and more than a fair share of terror. While the episode was actually shot in the UK, the best way to get into the spirit of this incredible story and destination is to discover Versailles in a rental car. While you are touring France, you may also visit the Louvre and central Paris where the 4th doctor saved the famed Mona Lisa from a would-be alien art thief. As you peer into the amused sparkle of Mona Lisa's expression, you can feel relief in knowing that a benevolent force is protecting our world and its priceless artifacts.When you receive the call to travel, it must be answered. While it may prove difficult to book your own TARDIS, the travel experts at Auto Europe can help you get your hands around the steering wheel of a comfortable rental car! We provide endless opportunities to personalize your travels with our numerous convenient pick-up locations around the world.

    Give us a call at 1-888-223-5555, our toll-free number, to receive the industry's best rates and award winning customer service, then grab your favorite companions, pack your sonic screwdriver and a fetching bow tie and begin the adventure of a lifetime!

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