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    Advice to Fly By

    Not everyone is a seasoned flyer, and even those that have been doing it for years can always learn new tricks. Flying doesn't have to be an uncomfortable experience! Here are some ways you can make your trip just a little more bearable next time you fly international.

    Be Healthy - The last thing you want to have acquired when you land is a virus. Take a multivitamin before your flight. You want your immune system to be as strong as it can be. Vitamin C or Airborne tablets are also great for this purpose. A few days leading up to your trip, you want to start prepping your body for exposure to germs. Drink plenty of fluids, lay off the alcohol, and get plenty of rest. This way, when you enter the germ tube cabin, you'll have a much lower risk of catching a cold. Doing some meditation and yoga is great way to relax yourself before dealing with stressful crowds.

    Sleeping on a PlaneSleep Better - When you have a long flight, particularly to Europe, Asia, or Australia, you will most likely want to catch some shut eye. Unless you can afford the business class seats that turn into beds, sleep may not come easy. You might be tempted to take some sleeping pills, or hit up the bar to induce your sleep, but there are several alternatives that won't leave you groggy when you land. Pack your bags and hit the gym before your flight. Give 110% and leave nothing behind. Your goal should be to tire yourself out! Plus you get the added benefit of showering right before your flight, which will only add to your relaxation level. Arrive hangover-free and healthy!

    Another thing you can do to rest easier is get a good eye mask. You can get one with headphones built into it of you want to listen to music as you drift off, and the extra weight on your eyelids can put you to sleep quite fast. You know what else makes sleeping easier? Being comfortable. Some people like to get as dressed up as possible when they travel. This can be fun, but for those long flights, many choose comfort over style. This is the reason the Pajama Jeans company is in business. Find your most relaxing pants and shirt to wear and don't worry about being judged either. People judging you are secretly jealous that they didn't think of that idea first!

    Staying Busy on a PlaneStay Busy - Maybe you don't want to sleep on your flight, or at least not all of it. That's not a problem! You can always keep yourself busy with a good book. As far as we know, books on paper are still a thing, so visit your library before you go and find the book that's just right for you. You might be one of those e-reader people, and that's okay too! Either way, planes offer a great place to read, because it's usually quiet.

    If you're in the mood for audio distractions, having the right headphones can make a huge difference. Think about it, they are going to be stuck to your head for hours! Do yourself a favor and invest in a pair nice headphones. You will get the best value from companies like Sennheiser, Grado, AKG and Sony. You'd be shocked at how good a pair of $60-$100 headphones sound.

    If you're using a laptop to watch a movie on, see what you can do to extend the computer's battery life. You don't want to be over the Atlantic and left hanging in the middle of an episode of Downton Abbey!

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