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    5 of the Mediterranean's Best Kept Secrets

    This winter, many parts of the US have experienced record-breaking temperatures and snowfall, leaving many people dreaming of escaping to the beach to sun-bake in a town with warm weather on the Mediterranean Sea. Unfortunately, many people don't think that their dreams will become true; these people aren't aware that the best Mediterranean vacations won't break the bank. Rather than spending thousands to go to a popular tourist destination on the Mediterranean Sea, book a trip to a destination that is considered to be a hidden gem, one of the Mediterranean's best kept secrets.

    In a lesser-known destination, tourists can save on food and accommodation while soaking up the same sun and swimming in the same sea as the pricier destinations. So for an affordable winter escape filled with history, food, culture, beaches, and warm air, consider a trip to one of the Mediterranean's best kept secrets.

    Tel Aviv, Israel

    Visit Tel Aviv in Israel

    The media airs the stories that sell, and unfortunately Israel is represented as an unsafe country. However, according to the U.S. Department of State, several parts of Israel are safe. Still, as a result of the media, tourism in Israel is lower than it should be, especially when Israel is home to one of the Mediterranean's best kept secrets - Tel Aviv.

    As the second most populated city in Israel, Tel Aviv is an exciting modern-day metropolis, and is often referred to as 'The Miami of the Middle East'. Tel Aviv boasts clubs, bars, arts, culture, history, and a strong gay community. In addition, Tel Aviv offers visitors a long coastline of beautiful beaches with an exciting atmosphere. For example, Banana Beach, located near Jaffa, is a sandy beach with clear, blue water that attracts a hippie, bohemian crowd, especially on Fridays, when people gather for drum circles at sunset. This winter book your rental car at Ben Gurion Airport and escape to Tel Aviv to experience one of the best Mediterranean vacations at an exciting, unique destination.

    Limassol, Cyprus

    Visit Limassol in Cyprus

    Although it is gaining in popularity as a summer destination, Cyprus remains one of the Mediterranean's best kept secrets when it comes to winter vacations. With temperatures as warm as 68 degrees Fahrenheit, winter visitors can enjoy soaking up the sun on the beach or even taking a chilly dip in the sea. If it's too cold for beach activities, Cyprus is also home to several historical sites, ancient ruins, and hiking trails. Visitors can also sign up for a boat cruise, eat fresh seafood at any of the delicious restaurants, and enjoy the vibrant nightlife in the city of Limassol. Cyprus is one of the best Mediterranean vacations and a wonderful winter escape.

    Kotor, Montenegro

    Visit Kotor in Montenegro

    Montenegro does not normally come to mind when considering the best Mediterranean vacations. However, Montenegro is home to Kotor, an exceptional town and one of the Mediterranean's best kept secrets. This town is a UNESCO World Heritage site that was built between the 12th and 14th centuries; it is considered to be the best-preserved medieval urban entity in the Mediterranean. Today, visitors can enjoy the historic monuments, city walls, and breathtaking medieval architecture seen in the Old Town's churches, cathedral, and palaces. Additionally, visitors can enjoy the natural beauty of Kotor, including the fjord-like bay, islands, mountains, and canyons.

    Visiting Kotor in the winter is one of the best Mediterranean vacations. During the winter, the town maintains its beauty and charm with snow-topped mountains, deserted coastlines, and the smell of citrus lingering in the sea breeze. Additionally, the off-season is festival season for the locals. So, coming to Kotor during the winter means partying with locals at one of several winter festivals.


    Cirali, Turkey

    Visit Cirali in Turkey

    Out of all the places on this list, Cirali is the most remote, untouched destination and by far, one of the Mediterranean's best kept secrets. This agricultural village is located in the protected area of the Olympos National Park. Development in Cirali is very minimal; the town itself has just a few small shops and airy cafes along the coast.

    In Cirali, visitors can walk to the ancient ruins of Olympos, or they can enjoy watching the endangered sea turtles nest on the beach's smooth, warm pebbles. For one of the best Mediterranean vacations and a winter holiday that differs from the norm, head to Cirali, Turkey. Here, visitors not only escape the winter weather, but also escape the hustle and bustle of busy, city life.

    Tarragona, Spain

    Visit Tarragona

    Tarragona is only a short drive from Barcelona and a destination that is easily one of the best Mediterranean vacations. Tarragona boasts pristine beaches on Costa Daurada as well as fascinating historical sites. For example, Tarragona's seaside Roman Amphitheatre dates back to 2 BC and is listed as an UNESCO World Heritage Site.

    Additionally, Tarragona's city center is a maze of narrow cobbled streets that lead to a majestic Roman/Gothic cathedral built in 1171 AD. Tarragona remains one of the Mediterranean's best kept secrets. Tourists who are lucky enough to visit will enjoy the town's balance of beach life with history and culture.

    Escape to the Mediterranean with Auto Europe

    When you're ready to embark on the vacation of a lifetime, and explore the many enchantments of the Mediterranean's best kept secrets, utilize Auto Europe as a one stop shop for all your travel needs. From hotel accommodations and airfare bookings, to unbeatable car rental discounts and road trip planning services, Auto Europe does it all. Give us a call today at 1-888-223-5555, available 24/7 for your convenience, and get started on your vacation plans right away!

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