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    3 Most Popular Foodie Things To Do in Europe

    By far one of the best ways to properly enjoy Europe is through eating and trying what makes each location so unique. While there are so many different ways to enjoy the culinary specialties of Europe, one of the most interesting ways is by joining a gastronomy tour. Eating Europe is Europe's largest food tour provider and offers culinary tours and cooking classes across the continent.

    Three ways to excite your taste buds in Europe can be by trying a wine dinner class in Rome, a evening food tour in Amsterdam that highlights Indonesian food, or trying traditional Czech food in Prague.Eating Europe Food Tours offer unique foodie experiences that capture the essence of each of Europe's cities. From a wine dinner class in Rome, a twilight food tour in Amsterdam, and a traditional food tour in Prague highlighting major tourist sites while enjoying authentic Czech food, these foodie activities are filled with fun and will leave you full of food and local insider knowledge!
    Rome Wine Tasting

    Wine Dinner Class - Rome, Italy

    When in Rome there are so many options when it comes to eating Italian and drinking wine, but there are few where you get to take what you learn home with you. During Eating Italy's Wine Dinner Class you'll learning which wines best compliment each meal, sampling and tasting food and wine throughout the evening. There's so much more to understanding wine than just having white wine with fish and red with meat. During this evening course, you'll try six wines over six courses with a master sommelier, creating an unforgettable dinner filled with wine facts for your future dinners. From their Italian Sommelier and Executive Wine Master guide, this class takes you through sparkling whites to oaked reds, ending with a sweet dessert wine. And what's an Italian evening without plenty of food? Over the evening, you'll taste everything from local, Roman pasta dishes to Tuscan meats and real buffalo mozzarella. You'll understand how the right wine can enhance even the simplest of dishes (and how the wrong wine can have drastic consequences, too!). 

    Learn more about this popular Rome foodie experience: Italian Food & Wine Journey
    Amsterdam Food Tour

    Twilight Food Tour - Amsterdam, Netherlands

    Seize the night in Amsterdam by trying Eating Amsterdam's Twilight Food Tour through the locally-loved De Pijp neighborhood. De Pijp is Amsterdam's original multi-cultural hotspot - buzzing with activity at all times of day and especially gorgeous and fun by night. It's the place where the locals go to the market in the daytime, and the hipsters go out in the evening. Away from the city center and steeped in culture, this area is one of the city's coolest areas explore as a visitor. Spend an evening meandering the streets, satisfying your curiosity and escaping the guidebook destinations. The real highlight on this locally guided tour is tasting Indonesian rijsttafel, a nearly unending parade of small plates all filled with different spicy-sticky-sweet Indonesian cuisine. All accompanied by rice, of course. The myriad of plates (typically in the dozens) are all laid out on the table at once in true feast fashion, and you simply help yourself to the selections as you wish. Explore the culinary diversity of Amsterdam through this dinnertime food tour.

    Learn more about this popular Amsterdam foodie experience: Twilight De Pijp Food Tour
    Prague Czech Tour

    Old Town Food Tour - Prague, Czech Republic

    Take a break from being a tourist and experience the real tastes of Prague on an Eating Prague Food Tour. Beyond enjoying the depth of Prague's wonderful cuisine such as open-faced sandwiches and incredible Czech desserts, one of the many highlights on this tour is discovering the culture from both the Old and New Towns. On the tour, you'll wander through the historical streets of Prague, where old-world charm mixes with a fascinating recent history. You'll walk down the cobble stone streets and explore the intricacies of hidden churches, contemporary art and local treasures folded into side streets and alleys. You'll uncover some serious history in a cafe that dates back to the beginning of the 20th century, landmarks never seen in the guidebooks, and end your afternoon feeling sated and fulfilled. 

    Learn more about this popular Prague foodie experience: Prague Food Tour

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