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    Trip to Antwerp in Family: 7 places to visit

    Antwerp is a port city located in Belgium. It is known for the diamond capital. Antwerp is called " Anvers" in French and " Antwerpen" in Dutch. Antwerp is an obvious choice for travelers with historical interest. Various visitors come with their families to enjoy the various magnificent landscape and historical cultures that Belgium has to provide. The city went through the second world war but remain a historical key to the landmark and had gained a reputation for art and fashion. Surrounded by various markets, churches along with food and drinks on every corner.

    Popular Antwerp Rental Car Locations

    Driving Itinerary Distance Driving Time
    Antwerp airport to the city  3.7 miles 15 minutes
    Antwerp city to the train station 1.6 miles 8   minutes
    Antwerp city to DIVA Museum 0.6 miles 5  minutes
    Antwerp DIVA Museum to Comic books street arts 28.0 miles 44 minutes
    Comic books street arts to Zoo Antwerp 29.8 miles 48 minutes
    Zoo Antwerp to Chocolate nation 1.5 miles 8   minutes
    Chocolate nation to Plantin Moretus Museum 2.6 miles 13 minutes
    Plantin Moretus Museum to SINT Annatunnel 0.3 miles 4   minutes
    Totals: 68.1 Miles 2 h 20 minutes

    Read on to Drive to Discover the Best Things to Do in Belgium with Kids

    1. DIVA Museum

    Diamond Diamond
    Antwerp is known to be the house of diamond located in the heart of Antwerp's vibrant commercial district. A place where you can experience the Antwerp's diamond and silver history. DIVA Museum has a vast collection of Diamonds and over 600 different displays for its public. The word DIVA means goddess coming from an Italian translation as Divas are known to wear diamonds and are very successful women known worldwide. Exquisite pieces of collections and details are shown that are from and made in the city itself with a delightful showcase.

    From a variety of Diamonds to a replica of a diamond vault room that explains the process of choosing certificates and types of regular checks needed and involved during this procedure.

    They educate the public on several types of illegal diamond transactions happening worldwide to prevent them. Don't miss the history of international trade of Antwerp which is always told in the International trading room. Enjoy the world of Diamond in Antwerp, Belgium!

    Duration: 1-2 hours

    Website: Diva Museum

    Next stop: 44 minutes

    2. Comic Books Wall

    Antwerp Wall
    Belgium is the land of comic strips with a fun activity for kids by hunting for comic walls. It is pleasantly surprising for visitors and Antwerp’s residents. Large scale comic books drawing on the walls in the city of Antwerp show the uniqueness of this location. There is a message on each comic wall that sometimes is close to a building such as the ten towering murals in Antwerp or the beautiful cathedral behind the comic strip wall.

    Famous comic books are displayed which is very entertaining for a family activity and walking down memory lane. It is FREE to the public and brings a colorful display to Antwerp. Along with its large scale that captured the eyes of its viewers, it shows that Belgian people are very talented!

    Next stop: 48 minutes

    3. Antwerp Zoo

    Antwerp Zoo Antwerp Zoo
    Located in the middle of the city next to the train station. It is the oldest animal park in Belgium opened in 1844 and one of the oldest worldwide. Their focus is nature conservation in general by focusing on animal welfare. This Zoo is special as it has scientists focusing on how to save, protect and preserve those animals. From giraffes, elephants, lions, birds, butterflies, monkeys to koala, you will get a wide range of animals to visit coming from Africa and South America mostly.
    Outdoor activity great to do in the family for a day and If you get an Antwerp city card, you can get a 25% discount upon admission.

    Duration: more than 3 hours
    Website: Antwerp Zoo 


    Next stop: 8 minutes

    4. Chocolate Nation

    Chocolate fountain Chocolate
    Chocolate Nation is the world's largest Belgian chocolate known to be very delicious! Those chocolate are the most in-demand and known to be the largest not just in Belgium but worldwide. Visit the magnificent variety of chocolates made in Belgium that are also traded across the world. A kingdom of chocolate starting in the cocoa plantations with a giant fantasy machine that demonstrates how chocolate is made and how the velvety taste is created.

    A dream come to try for children looking at chocolate fountains with a mixture of white, dark and brown chocolate and fun facts to learn. Discover the mysteries of why Belgian chocolate is so famous by sampling chocolates along the way. Explore the workshops help to get hands-on experience processing the making of chocolate lollipops, sculptures and more. With a shop that you can visit and buy some for yourself and your family.
    If you never tried Belgian chocolate in your life, now is the time to change that!

    Duration: 1-2 hours
    Website: Chocolate Nation


    Next stop:13 minutes

    5. Museum of Plantin-Moretus

    Museum of Plantin-Moretus Letterpress
    The Museum of Plantin-Moretus is a unique UNESCO world heritage site in Antwerp. An interesting location for typography geeks with dark cavernous rooms which some are wallpapered by leather bookbinding. Visit the antique printing press with ink stains. Christophe Plantin and Jan Moretus 16th century printers are at display. Reflecting an atmosphere of the ancient times with its creaking floorboards and manuscripts. Walk the family home that has been around since 400 years ago.

    If you have an Antwerp city card it will be FREE otherwise see website for pricing.

    Duration: 1-2 hours
    Website: Museum Plantin-Moretus


    Next stop: 4 minutes

    6. SINT Annatunnel

    SINT Annatunnel SINT Annatunnel
    The SINT Annatunnel also known as the Scheldt tunnel is an underground tunnel that opened in 1933. It was constructed before the second world war which was built to replace the ferry between the city and the left bank. The old school wooden escalator and tiles had visitors come across the world to explore this historical location. It is one of the gems in the city with 31.73 miles to a lovely skyline view of Antwerp. One key element is that it is FREE and open 24/7 to the public and its travelers.  

    While exploring the tunnel keep in mind that you will see people biking, running and just commuting along this area. That would be a nice walk in Family and getting to view the city in a different way.


    7.Brocatwerpen Flea Market

    Antique Antique
    Brocatwerpen also knows as the flea market in Antwerp happens monthly. Great place to experience with family with plenty of amateur artists showcasing their talents and selling their arts. Various antiques are being on display and available to the public for purchase.

    Take a walk to the history and talents that Antwerp has for you and your family while traveling! This is a great place to cultivate your knowledge of Belgian and what they are all about. Every piece is worth the price tag with a great quality display.

    The best time to visit is on Sunday as you can combine a visit to the Sint-Jansvliet Antique Market as well for the best experience.


    Next stop: 


    Visit Belgium with a car rental book at Auto Europe

    Family-Friendly Vehicles to Rent in BelgiumIf you’d like other things to do in Antwerp, and if you’d like to see how much you can save on your next trip by bundling your hotel reservation and car rental, give our travel specialists a call toll-free at 1-888-223-5555. We look forward to helping you plan the ultimate trip to Belgium, or wherever your travels take you.


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