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For over 60 years Auto Europe has been recognized as a leader in international ground transportation with special recognition in the press and from large travel industry organizations for our service and for our ongoing commitment to charitable efforts. On this page we highlight our most recent press mentions, please also check out our Industry Awards, recent Press Releases and information on our partnerships with some of the most influential travel bloggers around the world.

Travel Pulse

Auto Europe Helps Travel Agents after Hurricane Harvey

Sept 8, 2017 -- Car rental company Auto Europe has teamed with its travel agent partners to help the people and communities impacted by Hurricane Harvey.


6 Reason To Go To Scotland Right Now

August 31, 2017 -- I never need a reason to go to Scotland, so haunting and spellbinding is the scenery and charming in a darkly comic way are the people. But there are new developments in the country that should draw even regular visitors back.


Your Perfect Week in Provence: The Ultimate 7-Day Road Trip Itinerary

August 4, 2017 -- Wind your way through Provence's fairytale villages and lakes, and you'll quickly realize why this region has captivated everyone from Brigitte Bardot to Vincent van Gogh. This week-long itinerary will help you uncover some of Provence's best-kept roadside attractions--just don't forget to stop and swirl some rosé along the way.

Travel Market Report

Direct Communications Enable the 24/7 Travel Agent

July 3, 2017 -- It's a fact of the digital age – consumers are never off line. As a result, travel agents are working 24/7, throughout the lifecycle of a journey. And they are looking for suppliers they can count on to work just as hard for their mutual clients.

Brides Logo

Italy 3 Ways: City, Country, and Seaside Honeymoon Escapes

May 8, 2017 -- From countryside escapes in the Dolomites to city stays in Milan and coastal hikes through the most charming of seaside villages in Cinque Terre, here are three romantic ways to honeymoon your way around Italy that are sure to suit both of your travel styles.

Travel Leisure Logo

13 Affordable Trips to Europe

April 28, 2017 -- Did you know you can see the Louvre and Notre Dame in Paris for free, get full meals in London for less than $10, and spend the night in a Bavarian castle for $60? How about cruising on the Bosporus in Istanbul for $1? (No, that's not a typo.)

Travel Agent Central

Take A Road Trip Through Germany

April 5, 2017 -- Travel Agent has rounded up all the info you need to put together the perfect road trip in Germany.

USA Today Travel

Coolest Cars You Can Rent in Europe

Nov 21, 2016 -- Car enthusiasts love visiting Europe to see the latest from great manufacturers, plus all the models that don't make it to the United States. Next trip across the pond, you can go beyond ogling and drive one.

Travel Market Report

Oct 23, 2016 -- Editor's Pick: Destination Iceland

Oct 23, 2016 -- The Editor's Guide to Tenerife & The Canary Islands

Johnny Jet

13 Things to Know Before You Travel to Iceland

Sept 9, 2016 -- My reaction at winning roundtrip tickets for two to Iceland was as you would expect, turning a few cartwheels and bragging to all my friends. 


European Dreamscape by Car

July 7, 2016 -- When I envision perfect summer days, there isn't just one image; it's an amalgam of images. One that remains consistent, however, is me in a car with loved ones, staring out the window enjoying the view...

The Points Guy

5 Things to Do in the South of France This Summer

June 4, 2016 -- There's nothing quite like the South of France, especially in the summertime when you can do everything from whale watching in a replica of a 16th-century Turkish sailboat to dancing the night away at a festival by the beach.


Report: North American Vacationers Are Still Renting Cars in Europe

May 3, 2016 -- Despite security concerns, a new report on car rental bookings from Auto Europe shows that the number of North American vacationers renting cars will continue to increase in Europe.

Auto Rental News

$3 Weekly Car Rental Rates are Unsustainable

May 3, 2016 -- A co-worker was planning his vacation to Mexico and told me he was seeing car rental rates as low as $3 a day. "What's the deal?" he asked me. "That can't be right." His Spidey sense was tingling, and for good reason. No car rental company makes money at that price. 


How to Plan a Romantic Honeymoon Roadtrip through the South of France

April 19, 2016 -- You've always dreams of a beachy honeymoon locale, but the new Mr. is more about the mountains. Luckily this is one of the easiest newly wed compromises you'll have to make.

NY Times

When Renting Cars Abroad, It's Renter Beware

I ONCE rented a car at an agency in a garage under the Villa Borghese in Rome. The parking structure was tight and poorly lighted, and before I even exited I put a dent in the vehicle, thanks to a low concrete barrier I couldn't see in the rearview mirror.

The Washington Post

Want to Rent a Car in Europe? Here's How

Renting a car: Book with an established company. International firms like Hertz and Alamo and brokers like Auto Europe, which secures wholesale prices from such major chains

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