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    Thrifty Amsterdam: Reliable Car Rentals on a Budget

    Thrifty Car Rental LogoThrifty is one of the world's largest car rental agencies, with locations in 77 countries. Thrifty also owns Dollar Rental Car. Thrifty Amsterdam offers convenient pick-up and drop-off locations throughout the city including Schiphol Airport, making it easy to get your car and take off when it is time to return home. You can enjoy a wide range of vehicle choices to accommodate your needs, whether you want a compact car or something luxurious. Thrifty Car Rental is certainly a company that you can trust for your Amsterdam car rental needs. But you can also count on Auto Europe to be there to go the extra mile when you need it the most, securing an absolute phenomenal time in Amsterdam at a price that can't be beat!

    Looking for more information about your Auto Europe car rental booking with Thrifty in Amsterdam? Our knowledgeable reservation specialists are available 24/7 and toll-free at the Auto Europe contact number listed below. Allow us to take the stress and confusion out of the car rental process when you book with us!

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    Preparing For Your Upcoming Car Rental Pick-Up with Thrifty in Amsterdam

    In anticipation for your upcoming Thrifty rental car pick-up in Amsterdam, Auto Europe suggests that travelers are prepared to present the following items at Thrifty rental counter:

    • Credit Card in the Name of the Primary Driver
    • Valid US Drivers License
    • International Driver's Permit (IDP) - Not Legally Required in the Netherlands but Generally Recommended While Traveling Abroad
    • Your Auto Europe Rental Voucher - Highly Recommend but Not Required
    • Valid US Passport

    Thrifty Amsterdam Car Rental Policies

    In the Netherlands, Thrifty has several local rental policies that travelers should be aware of prior to picking-up their reserved rental vehicle. Below, we will address important policies present at Thrifty's Amsterdam, Netherlands branch:

    Thrifty Amsterdam Payment Policy

    In Amsterdam, Thrifty's rental offices operate under the following payment policy for rental car reservations. Of the three recognized payment methods in the car rental industry, Thrifty Amsterdam accepts both debit and credit card forms of payment. Payment by credit card is the industry standard and Thrifty Amsterdam accepts embossed, non electronic credit cards in the name of the primary driver from Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Diners. Thrifty Amsterdam additionally accepts debit card payments but only if specific conditions are met. To pay for your rental car with a debit card in Amsterdam with Thrifty the card must be either Visa or MasterCard, in the name of the primary driver, the numbers on the card must be embossed and funds for the security deposit must be available on the debit card at the time of pick-up. If all of these circumstances are not met, travelers will not be able to pick-up their rental car. For more information on Thrifty's payment policies in Amsterdam, we encourage you to contact one of Auto Europe's car rental reservation specialists today.

    Thrifty Amsterdam Rate DetailsThrifty Amsterdam Car Rental Age Policy

    In order to pick-up a Thrifty rental car in Amsterdam, travelers must adhere to the following car rental age policy. In Amsterdam, Thrifty requires that travelers must be a minimum of 23 years old to rent a car. While travelers can rental a car at 23 years of age, all drivers between the ages of 23-24 are subjected to a young driver surcharge. The young driver surcharge is a locally paid fee and will typically cost travelers $35 USD per day with a maximum charge of $335 USD per rental. For more information on Thrifty's age related rental car policies in Amsterdam, we highly encourage travelers to refer to the "Rate Details" section of your reservation and visit our guide to driving age requirements across Europe.

    Thrifty Amsterdam Fuel Policy

    When renting a car with Thrifty in Amsterdam, you will be subjected to Thrifty's re-fueling policy. Under this policy, travelers will pick-up their rental car with a full tank of fuel and are expected to return their rental car with a full tank of fuel. In the event that you return your rental car without a full tank of fuel, a re-fueling fee will be calculated and paid for locally at the Thrifty rental counter in Amsterdam. To help make your rental experience as convenient as possible, we recommend that you avoid the added expense of re-fueling fees and return your rental vehicle with a full tank of fuel.

    Available Rental Car Add-Ons When Reserving a Car Rental with Thrifty Amsterdam

    Prior to completing your Thrifty car rental booking in Amsterdam with Auto Europe, you will have the opportunity to pre-purchase a number of add-on items to better accommodate your travel party and further enhance your rental experience. Through pre-purchasing rental accessories, travelers can save money and avoid the hassle of purchasing add-ons items directly from the Thrifty pick-up counter. Save when you book your Thrifty rental car in Amsterdam with Auto Europe.

    Car Rental Insurance Options
    • Basic Insurance: Included with all Auto Europe rentals, VAT included, liability insurance and fire insurance.
    • Inclusive Rate w/ Deductible: All of the Basic Plan plus CDW insurance with a deductible, theft protection with a deductible, and roadside assistance.
    • No Deductible, Extended Coverage: All of the Basic Plan plus CDW including damage to wheels, glass, underside, roof with a zero deductible, theft protection with a zero deductible, and roadside assistance.
    Additional Driver Each Additional Driver will typically cost $45 USD/rental*
    Infant/Booster/Child Seats
    • Infant/Booster/Child Seat: $75/rental*
    • Child Seats are suitable for children up to age 6 and weight up to 55lbs
    Snow Tires/Chains Available seasonally
    *Typically, total number of days charged will have a cap no matter how long your rental reservation.

    Rental Car Bookings with Thrifty in Amsterdam - FAQ

    Can I Rent a Thrifty Rental Car with Unlimited Mileage in Amsterdam?

    Unrestricted mileage on Thrifty rental cars in Amsterdam are available on most rentals and included in the rate of your rental reservation. Having said that, mileage restrictions can be applied in certain circumstances - such as rental reservations with high-end or specialty vehicle models.

    Contact Auto Europe - Thrifty AmsterdamCan I Cancel My Car Rental Reservation with Thrifty in Amsterdam?

    Absolutely, you can cancel your rental car reservation in Amsterdam with Thrifty. Reservation cancellations are in fact free if you make the cancellation at least 48 hours prior to the time of pick-up with Thrifty.

    Can I Pick-Up My Thrifty Rental Car in Amsterdam and return in Eindhoven?

    Yes, Auto Europe offers terrific rates on one-way Thrifty rentals from Amsterdam and throughout the Netherlands. Plan your dream trip behind the wheel of a Thrifty rental car through checking numerous drop-off locations and compares rates in our booking engine. Don't hesitate to get a quote on your one-way rental in Amsterdam with Thrifty and book today!

    Rent a Car with Thrifty Through Auto Europe

    Auto Europe is a 60 year old rental car broker that has worked closely with Thrifty over the years. Our relationship enables us to book thousands of rentals with Thrifty each year, for which we are offered a nice discount that we pass on to you! When you book with us you get the satisfaction of the guaranteed lowest prices, a team of award-winning customer service agents ready to cater to your every demand and a whole lot more. We will handle all of your needs while you are on vacation, so you always have access to a U.S. based, English-speaking rep who will instantly help you find a solution for whatever issue you may have.

    Thrifty Car Rental in AmsterdamThrifty Amsterdam Reviews and Ways to Save

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