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    Luxury Car Rentals Worldwide

    Luxury Car Rental in Chania

    If your next vacation is on the beautiful island of Crete, then the city of Chania is likely high on your list of places to visit. When you travel around the historic island, consider doing it in a luxury car rental from Auto Europe, and turn an ordinary trip into a dream vacation. Imagine touring Chania and the island of Crete in the lap of luxury, as your exotic car rental glides around coastal roads, and you take in the majesty of the Aegean Sea. Savvy travelers know that the island abounds with too many museums to name, some of which house antiquities from centuries past, while others pay homage to Chania's arts and culture. Wherever your adventure takes you, one thing's for sure: everything is more magnificent when you arrive in a luxury rental car in Chania from Auto Europe, and we offer some of the best luxury car rentals in Greece

    Popular luxury car rentals in Greece:
    Mercedes Benz Viano Rental BMW 5 Series Rental Range Rover Evoque Rental Porsche Panamera Rental
    Mercedes Benz Viano - The Viano's interior has been designed with comfort and in mind. The vehicle's seats have been ergonomically designed to provide maximum comfort. Normally equipped to seat seven, the Viano can be fitted with an additional seat offering space for up to eight passengers. BMW 5 Series - get behind the wheel of a BMW 5 Series Sedan! With its dynamic proportions, sleek shape and impressive ingenuity, the BMW 5 Series stands out among the competition. Every detail of this car has been perfectly tailored, making for a truly one of a kind driving experience. Range Rover Evoque - The Evoque is a premium crossover that is known for its technology and sleek design. This environmentally friendly SUV has the off-road capabilities of a regular sized Range Rover that comes in a smaller package. With suspension geared comfort, the Evoque offers a smooth ride. Porsche Panamera - The Porsche Panamera 4S is a high-performance luxury sedan with a unique mix of speed, comfort and space that few other models can deliver. This vehicle has a stylish coupe silhouette and a trendy hatchback body with agile handling, excellent steering and impeccable cornering grip.

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    Enjoy Chania in a Luxury Car Rental

    During your trip, you might end up cruising around Chania in your luxury car rental while on your way to visit the famed Nautical Museum of Crete. There, you'll find war relics that date back as far as the Bronze Age, together with models of ships and more. When you rent a luxury car from Auto Europe, you'll enjoy elegant design and innovative technical features that often come standard.

    If you love the feeling of a rich leather interior, or you count the latest safety features among your list of priorities, Auto Europe has the right car for you. When you travel foreign cities like Chania where the roads and weather patterns may be unfamiliar, a luxury car rental will ensure that your time spent driving is as safe as it can be. You'll find plenty of convenience when it comes to Auto Europe's luxury car rental options in Chania. With multiple locations to pick up your car, you won't have to go very far to take your dream vehicle on its maiden voyage.

    Driving around the streets of Chania should be an once-in-a-lifetime adventure, and a luxury car rental will seal the deal. The Rolls Royce Phantom totally defines luxury, with a timeless design that will have heads turning on every corner. From your driver's seat, you'll bask in the elegant interior, as your passengers experience plush lamb's wool rugs, leatherwork that's hand-stitched, and a ride that's as smooth as any.

    Chania Luxury Car Rental

    Drive from your hotel to the Chania Harbor, where you'll discover a rich atmosphere influenced as much by Florence and Venice, as Greece. And why not get there in an alluring Jaguar XJ, the spacious four-door sedan that drives more like a sports coupe. What better way to tour the sunny island roads of Chania, than in a Maserati GranCabrio rental? You won't believe the rush of adrenalin you'll feel when you turn the ignition, and hear the purr of the illustrious V8 engine. The GranCabrio is as fun to drive as it is to look at, and the car is sure to handle every twist and turn with style and grace.

    Luxury Car Rental ChaniaIf you are trying to keep vacation costs at an affordable level, and you refuse to compromise on your car rental, then a cheap luxury car rental in Chania from Auto Europe might be your best bet. Auto Europe has a wide range of options available in our luxury car fleet.

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