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    Do I Need an International Driver's License in Ireland?

    Ireland International Drivers PermitAlthough Americans are allowed to drive in Ireland for up to 12 months with their US license, having an international driving permit in Ireland can be beneficial. This permit is used alongside your everyday drivers license and makes things much easier in many different instances. One example of a situation when an international drivers permit is useful is when renting a car in Ireland. Although most car rental agencies do not have mandatory requirements for international licenses, it certainly makes the entire process much easier. An international drivers license in Ireland can also come in handy if you are stopped by police while driving on the roadways or if you happen to get into a fender-bender. The license eliminates language barriers in Ireland and any other location throughout Europe so you can get back on the road and enjoy your time in the country.

    How to Apply for an International Drivers Permit in Ireland

    The first step in obtaining an international drivers permit Ireland is to apply for the license. There are two places for you to do this. One is the American Automobile Association, more commonly known as AAA ( The other is the American Automobile Touring Alliance, or the AATA ( These two organizations are recognized by the U.S. Department of Transportation, meaning they are safe and reputable suppliers. You can complete your application in person or by mail. Applying in person is best if there is an office located near you.

    To apply, you need only a couple of pieces of information. First, you must have two passport size photographs. Second, you need your current driver's license. A $20 fee is mandated for the permit. This fee is payable by money order, check, or credit or debit card.  You cannot pay the fee in cash even if you are applying for the license in a local agency.

    After you receive your international drivers permit for your trip to Ireland, the permit is good for a period of one year. This means that you can travel freely within the country without worry as long as you have the license in your presence. You are not limited to just Ireland, however. You can travel outside of the country if you so desire. Some countries require that you have an international license to drive, which is why Auto Europe recommends that everyone obtain an IDP prior to traveling to Europe. This way you are covered if you happen to extend your stay and visit such a country.

    Remember that you might encounter third-party agencies who promise to provide you with an international driver's license. Most of these other agencies are nothing more than scams - aiming to overcharge you or simply never supplying you with  your international driving permit.  It is always in your best interest to order your license from the two agencies we've recommended above. You will have peace of mind when you place your order with either provider.

    International Drivers License IrelandWe're here to Help: International Driving Permit Ireland

    Although we have tried to clearly list what must be done to obtain an international driver's permit for Ireland, we understand that you might have questions not contained within this information. There is more information available in our International Driver's License FAQ and we also offer a video. Additionally we offer toll-free assistance and support to travelers, 24/7. While we'd love to arrange the perfect, affordable rental car for you, we're happy to answer your questions about an international driver's license in Ireland. You can speak with one of our agents by calling toll-free 1-888-223-5555. We are excited that you have chosen to travel to Ireland and hope that your visit is spectacular!