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    European River Cruises: A Luxurious Travel Opportunity

    arose cruise line logoWe provide you access to all the great rivers in Europe. By working with several of the best river cruise lines in the world, our team can offer you the opportunity to experience the dazzling riverside cities in France, Italy, Spain, Germany and Belgium and other countries across Europe. Enjoy the the picturesque Rhine Valley, the Rhône and Saône, the Seine, the gorgeous blue Danube, the Douro Valley, Venice and more — putting you right in the heart of European culture and charm.

    Riviera River Cruises LogoIn addition to Europe, they can offer sailings on the exotic and exciting Mekong river in Vietnam and Cambodia or an unforgettable cruise and safari along the Chobe and Zambezi rivers in Africa. Wherever you choose to go, our cruise line partners can provide an amazing experience filled with local food, wine, history, art and culture. Auto Europe can help you plan your European river cruise and save some money at the same time. Give us a call to explore travel packages and compare rates on all of our travel itineraries. Give us a call at 800-374-3740 today!

    Why you should book a river cruise in Europe with us

    There are a number of reasons why a European river cruise is a great option for you. Enjoy the benefits of a cruise while still getting to tour Europe's most exciting cities and landmarks.

    • Competitive commissions paid on the full cruise amount
    • Fully customizable pre/post air, car rental & hotel packages available
    • No hidden surcharges or fees
    • Inclusive features such as open bar and excursions included in the price
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    What to expect from a River Cruise in Europe

    River cruises offer travelers a unique way to explore many of Europe's most popular countries to visit. Who needs a rental car when you've got a cruise ship! Many European river cruises dock right in the center of town so travelers can hop off the ship and have access to a number of shops, restaurants and other attractions. Travelers will also have access to rail stations in popular cities that provide access to cities all across Europe. Most cruise itineraries give travelers plenty of time to explore while they are docked.

    Many of our cruise partners offer additional activities for travelers both on and off the cruise ship. Dining options and meals offered on cruise ships are often inspired by the local cuisine. Many cruises offer activities such as bike tours for travelers or trips to historical landmarks when they dock in each city.

    European River Cruises

    Travelers can choose from a variety of cruise routes of different lengths depending upon what you want to see. Below you'll find a number of rivers that stretch across countries in Europe that you can explore on a cruise ship.

    River cruise along the Douro RiverThe Douro River: The source of the Douro River is in Northern Spain near the Duruelo de la Sierra and stretches across Spain and into Portugal as it moves toward the Atlantic Ocean through Porto. Visit northern cities in Portugal along the Douro including Entre-Os-Rios, Caldas de Aregos, Regua, Lamego and more!

    The Rhône River: The source of the Rhône River is in the Swiss Alps and flows south through France directly to the Mediterranean Sea. The Rhône is the only major river in Europe that flows to the Mediterranean.

    The Saône River: The Saône River of Eastern France begins near the Vosges mountain range near the border of Germany and flows until it meets up with the Rhône River in Lyon. Stretching nearly 300 miles, the river offers travelers a unique way to see more of France.

    The Seine River: The Seine is the second longest river in France stretching almost 500 miles across France and then flowing into the English Channel near Le Havre. The source for the river begins near Dijon in France.

    The Rhine River: The Rhine River begins near the border of Germany and Switzerland near Basel. The river moves north through Germany and the Netherlands where it flows out into the North Sea. The Rhine stretches 766 miles passing through popular cities in Germany including Cologne, Bonn, Dusseldorf and more.

    The Mosel River: The Mosel (or Moselle) River begins in Northeastern France and flows north through Luxembourg and Germany before it meets up with the Rhine River near Koblenz. The river stretches close to 350 miles in length with most of the river easily navigable by boat.

    The Danube River: The Danube is the second longest river in Europe spanning ten countries and stretching over 1,700 miles. Travelers will find a number of different cruise itineraries for trips all along the Danube. The river rises in the Black Forest mountains in Germany and drains into the Black Sea. Visit popular cities along the Danube including Budapest, Vienna, Bratislava, Belgrade and more!

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