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    Car-2-Europe DS Automobiles: Lease a Car in Europe

    Car-2-Europe with DS AutomobilesThe Best Alternative to Renting

    Auto Europe has partnered with DS Automobiles to offer their Car-2-Europe vehicle leasing program to travelers from the United States looking for a long-term vehicle for their trip to Europe. DS Automobiles offer temporary transit to give travelers an alternative option to long-term car rentals. Car-2-Europe DS was designed to simplify travel for European visitors planning a more extended stay. These all-inclusive leasing packages provide travelers with a luxury-like experience where you'll be provided with a brand new DS vehicle, among several other benefits not typically found with traditional car rentals. Even better, Auto Europe can pass on additional savings for travelers from the US. Read on to learn more about the program and all our 27 pick-up and drop-off locations available in Europe.

    What are the Benefits of Temporary Transit with DS in Europe

    Several added benefits exist for travelers who opt for a Car-2-Europe vehicle lease with DS Automobiles in Europe. Besides traveling in a brand-new vehicle, you'll find several added benefits compared to booking a long-term car rental in Europe. Temporary transit with DS provides travelers with the following:

    • Car Rental Insurance Included
    • Road Side Assistance Included
    • Unlimited Mileage
    • No Additional Driver Fee for Families
    • Available for Licensed Drivers 18+ (No Young Driver Fees)
    • Shuttle Service from Airport to Car Lot

    Car-2-Europe Vehicle Leasing Options with Auto Europe

    Learn more about DS Automobiles car leasing fleet available through Auto Europe. Find the vehicle that best suits your needs for your stay in Europe.

    Temporary Transit with DS Automobiles

    Citroën DS 7 Crossback
    DS Automobiles offers a smaller range of vehicles for US travelers, but they are all from their latest range. Find a great rate for your temporary transit in Europe today!

    Models Available to Lease in Europe:
    DS3 Crossback, DS4, DS7 Crossback (pictured left), DS7 Crossback Hybrid, DS9 Hybrid

    Find our DS vehicle specs here.

    Find more vehicle leasing options in Europe with Peugeot and Citroën.

    Save Money with the Temporary Transit Program through DS

    Long-term car rentals can often lead to significant fees that can significantly increase the final cost of your vehicle. Car rental insurance coverage is typically charged per day basis; the longer the duration of your rental, the more you'll have to pay to insure your rental. This is also true if you are paying for an additional driver or paying any young driver fees. Remember, most suppliers charge young driver fees for anyone under the age of 25. Give yourself a luxury driving experience during your time in Europe. A DS staff member will be there to greet you when you land and provide a free shuttle to pick up your DS car lease. Start the booking process today and discover the best alternative to car renting in Europe.

    Locations to Pick up your DS Automobiles Lease

    DS Lease Location Pin Amsterdam Airport DS Lease Location Pin Madrid Airport DS Lease Location Pin Nantes Airport
    DS Lease Location Pin Barcelona Airport DS Lease Location Pin Frankfurt Airport DS Lease Location Pin Marseille Airport DS Lease Location Pin Nice Airport
    DS Lease Location Pin Basel-Mulhouse Airport DS Lease Location Pin Geneva Airport DS Lease Location Pin Milan Linate Airport DS Lease Location Pin Porto Airport
    DS Lease Location Pin Bordeaux Airport DS Lease Location Pin Lisbon Airport DS Lease Location Pin Milan Malpensa Airport
    DS Lease Location Pin Lyon Airport DS Lease Location Pin Montpellier Airport DS Lease Location Pin Orly Airport
    DS Lease Location Pin Charles de Gaulle Airport DS Lease Location Pin Toulouse Airport DS Lease Location Pin Rome Airport