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    Driving Distance from Turin

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    Driving Distance from Turin, Italy

    Driving Distances from Turin, Italy This page offers insight on the driving distance from Turin to some of Italy's most popular vacation destinations in both kilometers and miles. One of the best ways to discover the city of Turin is on your own terms and behind the wheel of a rental car. So whether you're looking for the driving distance from Turin to Milan or anywhere in between, let Auto Europe help you find the most direct route possible. For more trip-planning resources, take a look at our complete travel guide for Italy.

    Turin Driving Distance TablE

    Distance From City Distance To City Distance (km) Distance (miles) Distance From City Distance To City Distance (km) Distance (miles)
    Turin Rome 668 415.08 Turin Trieste 557.00 346.10
    Turin Florence 399 247.93 Turin Parma 244.00 151.61
    Turin Milan 140 86.99 Turin Bergamo 182.00 113.09
    Turin Verona 291 180.82 Turin Alba 61.00 37.90
    Turin Venice 401 249.17 Turin Geneva, Switzerland 245.8 152.73
    Turin Como 166 103.15 Turin Vercelli 77.00 47.85
    Turin Bologna 331 205.67 Turin Novara 96.00 59.65
    Turin Pisa 327 203.19 Turin Alessandria 91.00 56.54
    Turin Genoa 172 106.88 Turin Perugia 547.00 339.89

    More Information About Driving in Turin

    You'll enjoy being in a metropolis surrounded by the Alp mountains in the great Italian city of Turin. In 2006, this city hosted the Winter Olympic Games, and today, visitors from all over the world enjoy winter activities like skiing and snowboarding. Whether or not you're a winter sports enthusiast, Turin is rich in beautiful architecture, great food, and breathtaking sights. Be sure to visit famous sights like Museo Nazionale del Cinema, as well as Santuario Basilica La Consolata.

    When it's time to venture outside Turin, the possibilities are endlessMore Information About Driving in Turin in a country like Italy! If visiting the capital of Rome is on your to-do list, Turin is 668 km away. Traveling from Turin to Rome is the greatest way to see the best of northern Italy through the center of the country. Along routes A1 and A4, you can make the journey to Rome in over 7 hours and stop in Milan and Bologna along the way. Along route A1 from Turin, travelers can stop in the Ligurian city of Genoa and drive the rest of the way to Rome along the western Italian coast.

    Florence is 399 km from Turin, and when traveling along route A1, you can stop in Bologna along the way. If you wish to spend some quality time in the gorgeous city of Venice after visiting Turin, driving via route A4 takes about 4 hours by car. Plus, you can stop (and stay!) in Milan along the way.

    If you plan to stay in or around Turin during your vacation to Italy, the Ligurian capital, Genoa, is just 172 km away. To get to Genoa from Turin, the quickest way is along routes E25 and E70.

    Driving in Turin is a truly one-of-a-kind experience, offering countless ways to enjoy your vacation in the city. With convenient pick-up locations throughout the city, including at the Turin-Casselle Airport, renting a car in Turin has never been easier! Whether you need a spacious rental van to accommodate more passengers, would like to explore Turin in style, or are simply looking for a great deal last-minute, Auto Europe has you covered! Reservations can be made online in three, easy steps when you utilize our secure booking engine, or by calling us toll-free 24/7 at 1-888-223-5555. 

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