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    Driving Distance from Milan

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    Driving Distance from Milan, Italy

    Driving Distances from Milan, Italy Auto Europe has put together a helpful road-trip planning resource that calculates the driving distance from Milan to some of Italy's largest cities in both kilometers and miles. When it comes to exploring Milan, there is no better way to make the most of your time than by taking a self-driven tour!

    Whether you're looking for the driving distance from Milan to Florence or any destination in between, let Auto Europe help you find the most direct route. For additional information about driving in Milan, take a look at our in-depth travel guide for Italy.

    Milan Driving Distance Table

    Distance From City Distance To City Distance (km) Distance (miles) Distance From City Distance To City Distance (km) Distance (miles)
    Milan Venice 279 173.36 Milan Verona 157.6 97.93
    Milan Turin 141 87.61 Milan Ancona 427 265.33
    Milan Como 73.2 45.48 Milan Perugia 450.2 279.74
    Milan Parma 124 77.05 Milan Bergamo 59.8 37.16
    Milan Genoa 145 90.10 Milan Lecco 63.3 39.33
    Milan Bologna 219 136.08 Milan Genoa 144.3 89.66
    Milan Naples 657 408.24 Milan Ravenna 289.5 179.89
    Milan Pisa 277 172.12 Milan Siena 366.7 227.86
    Milan Rome 571 354.80 Milan Modena 171.8 106.75

    More Information About Driving in Milan

    The world capital of fashion lies nestled away in the Alp mountains in northern Italy. Milan is a major metropolitan in not only Italy, but the world, and while here, you can experience history as well as modern elegance.

    When it's time to venture out of the metropolis of Milan, traveling to Venice is a short distance of only 279 km. When you travel across route A4, you'll be to Venice in under 3 hours. If you feel like staying in another northern, industrial city, Turin is the city for you, at only a distance of 141 km from Milan. The historic city of Bologna is 219 km from Milan, and when you travel across route A1, you can be there in just 2.5 hours. The Ligurian capital of Genoa is just 145 km from Milan, and traveling along route A7 will get you there in just over 2 hours. In Genoa, you can enjoy coastline views and Piazza de Ferrari, a famous square that connects historic Genoa and the financial hubbub of this underrated Italian city.

    Traveling to more distant cities means more time in the car, but it also means more to see and experience. Rome is 571 kMore Information About Driving in Milanm from Milan, and just under 6 hours when traveling along route A1. The southern city of Naples is 657 km away, and along route A1, takes just over 7 hours from Milan.

    If you plan to stay in Milan, there are daytrips that are not far off into the distance. The small city of Lecco is 63 km north of Milan, and here you can bask in a quaint setting surrounded by gorgeous mountains and Lake Como. If you decide to make the short 1.5 hour trek across Strada Statale 36 del Lago di Como e Dello Spluga, be sure to visit Campanile di San Nicolo right in Lecco for one of the most beautiful views in all of Italy!

    Rely on Auto Europe for all your car rental needs while traveling in Italy. We're also a great resource for information about driving in Milan, Milan attractions that are off the beaten path and all kinds of other unique itinerary suggestions. We are proud to not only offer great rates on last-minute car rentals, but we're also able to help you book prestige vehicles such as large vans and even trendy sports cars. When you're ready to book your car, simply use the secure search form that is located on the left side of this page, or give us a call toll-free 24/7 at 1-888-223-5555.

    Determine which season will be best for your trip by taking a look at the seasonal climate and weather patterns in Milan. In addition to offering information about driving distances in Milan, Auto Europe offers a handy packing list and more great resources to help you prepare.

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