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Dan Dooley Car Rental vs. Auto Europe in Ireland

Compare & Make The Best Choice

If you're considering renting a car in Ireland from Dan Dooley Car Rentals then you'll want to be sure you're getting the best available deal. While Dan Dooley is a respected local provider of Irish car rentals, many travelers choose to book with Auto Europe after doing some research and comparing rates betDan Dooley Car Rental Vs. Auro Europeween the two companies.

Auto Europe is an international car rental company which provides great service, the best selection and guarantees the best rate on car rentals in Ireland. Below we've highlighted some of the key differences between Auto Europe and Dan Dooley car rentals. We invite you to compare our rates before making your reservation - you'll be surprised to learn how much you can save when you book online with Auto Europe!

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Checkmark BEST RATE GUARANTEED - Due to the volume of cars we book each year our local suppliers in Ireland offer us the lowest available rates on all car rentals in Dublin, Shannon and more popular locations - savings which we are happy to pass on to you.

Checkmark BEST SELECTION - By working with pre-screened and reputable car rental suppliers in Ireland and around the world (like Dollar, Hertz, Sixt & Enterprise to name a few), we allow you to find the car you need for the price you want, offering you more choices.

Checkmark NO SURPRISES - We've spent over 60 years arranging cars in Ireland and are available to answer questions and ensure that you have a successful trip. Book with us and there won't be any surprises - our friendly team is available to you toll-free, 24/7 right here in the USA.

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LOCAL RATES - As a small, local supplier of car rentals in Ireland, Dan Dooley offers travelers competitive rates, but pricing for Dooley car rentals is dependent upon fleet maintenance overhead and seasonal inventory concerns which Auto Europe does not incur.

LIMITED CHOICES - When you rent a car in Ireland with Dan Dooley you're subject to the limitations of the inventory this company has available. During peak season you could experience fewer choices and higher rates based on the high demand and lower availability.

SOLID REPUTATION - Dan Dooley Car Rentals offers travelers in Ireland a solid reputation and quality service. The question travelers should ask is if lower rates & 24/7 access to USA-based customer success agents is important. If so Auto Europe may be a better choice.

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I've Booked with Dan Dooley Car Rentals Before - Why Change?

The modern traveler is in a great position - you have the power to compare companies and make the best choice available, even if that means trying something new.

Many of our clients who have switched from Dan Dooley to Auto Europe have done so because they enjoy access to our large selection of vehicles, appreciate our clear pricing and concise online booking process, and love the fact that we offer a USA-based reservations and client success team which is available toll-free, 24/7. There are no long waits when you call Auto Europe with a question or request - we look forward to assisting you and impressing you with our knowledge of the Irish car rental marketplace. We're not just here to help you book your car - we want to be sure you're aware of all local insurance requirements and can advise you about the must-know facts about renting a car and driving in Ireland.

How Easy is it to Book Online?

Auto Europe offers our clients 24/7 access to the most knowledgeable team of reservation specialists in the industry, but we are also proud to offer the most user-friendly online booking process you'll find.

Auto Europe: Compare Rates & Rating of Local Suppliers

Simply enter your travel dates in the secure search form at the top of this page and you'll be able to compare the rates and service rating of all local suppliers, allowing you to quickly choose the best price on the car you need or spend a few dollars more to work with the top-rated company or a brand name you recognize and trust.

Our 3-step booking process will have your reservation confirmed in minutes, and if you change your mind later you can always give our team a call or modify your booking online.

About Auto Europe's Selection of Car Rentals in Ireland

Auto Europe is proud to work with some of the best local car rental suppliers in Ireland, allowing you to compare rates between brands you recognize like Hertz, Budget, Enterprise, Sixt and more to find the best available deal. For over 60 years Auto Europe has built close relationships with reputable car rental suppliers in Ireland and across Europe. The benefit to our customers is that the savings of our special discounted rates (received due to the volume of cars we book for these companies each year) are passed on to you, allowing you to enjoy the lowest rates on car rentals in Ireland - often even lower than if you booked directly with these suppliers.

If you do find a better rate with Dan Dooley Car Rentals, Hertz or any company offering service in Ireland please bring it to us - we guarantee the best price and we will offer you a better deal!