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Sorrento Peninsula & Amalfi Coast Road Trip Planner: Naples to Salerno

Take a trip uncommon to the average traveler and explore a spectacular side of the Sorrento Peninsula above and beyond what you'll see in brochures and tour guides.

Discover the coast of Italy at your own pace, cruising along sunny ocean-side highways and uncovering hidden gems of cultural immersion and scenic bliss with the freedom of travel that you'll only find when you come and go as you please on your Campania and Amalfi Coast road trip.

Pick up your car rental in Naples and set out on a Campania Italy road trip that you won't soon forget! Visit Pompeii ruins, the magnificent Mount Vesuvius, and all the attractions to see and things to do in Naples before continuing south. Stay the night in a Sorrento hotel and bask in the warm breeze off the Tyrrhenian Sea while you relax on the beach, or take a walk through the endless fields of lemon trees in the foothills outside of town. Save plenty of time to drive the Amalfi Coast, though, as this iconic destination is sure to be the highlight of your trip. Wander along the dramatic cliffs where the southern side of the Sorrento Peninsula meets the sea and experience one of the most famous scenic drives in the world! Journeyers come from all ends of the globe to tour the Amalfi Coast and visiting in the comfort and convenience of your own rental car will afford you the remarkable opportunity to explore the prodigious route at your own pace and direction. Cap off your Sorrento Peninsula road trip with some of the historic sights and things to do in Salerno and round off a unique vacation that you'll be sure to remember forever!

We here at Auto Europe have created a comprehensive Sorrento Peninsula road trip planner to guide you to some of the most scenic locales and best places to visit in Italy. The pages below are designed to help you get the most out of your trip to Italy but are not intended to be restricted; feel free to use the information however you like to plan any number of fantastic day trips from Naples. When you uncover Campania with the advantage and versatility of a rental car in Europe you're sure to have a great time exploring the sights and attractions with confidence in the comfort and privacy of your own vehicle!

Campania Road Trip Planner

Italy Road Trip Planner Driving Distances
Locations Distance (Miles) Estimated Time
Mt. Vesuvio Scenic Drive 27.1 1 Hour, 12 Minutes
Naples to Sorrento 30.2 57 Minutes
Sorrento to Positano 25 1 Hour, 19 Minutes
Positano to Salerno 25.8 1 Hour, 25 Minutes
Total: 108.1 4 Hours, 53 Minutes

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Campania, Italy Sorrento Peninsula Road Trip Day 1: Plan a Road Trip from Naples

Things to Do in Naples: Find a treasure trove of things to do in Naples, Italy, a UNESCO World Heritage Site with hundreds of historical landmarks and monumental churches amidst the metro center of restaurants, shops, and nightlife destinations. Arrive at the Naples International Airport just north of town or at the Naples Central Station Garibaldi near the historic center and kick off one of the best tours of Italy a traveler could possibly hope for in a city with more ancient architectural wonders than any other in the world. Look into getting a Campania Artecard to save money on museums, art galleries, theatres, and archaeological sites you may want to visit along the way but there's so much more to see and do in this vibrant locale!

Take a walk around the Piazza del Plebiscito and get a sense of the tremendous significance and prodigious cultural importance you'll bear witness to in this keystone of Italian heritage. The huge Castel Nuovo houses the main city museum and offers some of the best views of Naples around atop its easily accessible roof. The Naples Archeological Museum presents an astonishing assortment of artifacts from excavation sites around the country in the largest architectural museum venue in existence and the Napolitan National Gallery exhibits an internationally important collection of Baroque and Renaissance era paintings amidst a serene setting in facilities surrounded by a beautiful park. Hundreds of monumental churches and archaic structures pepper the city and a mere walk or bike ride around the historic center can yield a fantastic array of immersive experiences and makes for one of many wonderful free things to do in Naples, Italy.

Diversify your vacation in Naples with a tour of the city's modern attractions once you've had your fill of historic wonders. Treat yourself to a trendy shopping excursion at the Galleria Umberto, take a ferry out to one of the many nearby island communes, or picnic in the peaceful Virgiliano Park for a change of pace you'll appreciate while journeying through this eclectic land. Europe's first public aquarium sits at the center of the shore-side park Villa Comunale and an artificial cave known as Grotta di Seiano is hidden beneath the residential quarters of Posillipo, leading curious visitors to an ancient Greek theatre. You can even learn to scuba dive or go on a snorkeling tour at Centro Sub Campi Flegrei (Via Napoli 1, Pozzuoli, Naples, IT) and explore the ancient underwater ruins of Pompeii! Take a quick ride east and stop at Vesuvio National Park on your way out of town and brave a hike to the top of one of the world's largest active volcanoes. There's plenty of excitement for all sorts of travelers with no shortage of fun things to do in Naples and with a spacious luxury van rental in Italy at a great rate through Auto Europe you can comfortably bring the while family along in comfort and style!    

Italy Road Trip Planner Naples Restaurant PizzaThe Best Restaurants in Naples:  This bustling metropolis is the birthplace of pizza and an array of traditional Neapolitan restaurants manifest an important contribution to Italian cuisine. Pizza margherita, simply consisting of dough, tomato, herbs, oil, and mozzarella, is the original masterpiece that gave rise to the more complicated modern conception of pizza that purists believe overcomplicates the flavors in the dish. You can find the best examples of traditional pizza margherita at Pizzeria Brandi, Di Matteo, and Da Michele where pies are handcrafted using long-established classical recipes and methods. Almost every pizzeria in Naples serves fantastic pizza and you'll have to try a few to find your personal favorite, but the 3 aforementioned establishments embody the time-honored customs of traditional pizza making.

Stemming from its location on the balmy coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea, Neapolitan cuisine primarily incorporates seafood, usually sautéed with a tomato and garlic-based sauce, and you'll find excellent examples of the delicious local fare at all sorts of restaurants in Naples. Bring the family along to a warm and welcoming environment at Hosteria Toledo for a casual lunch or dinner and be sure to try the limoncello, which is personally prepared by the chef. Get a great value on plentiful portions of pastas and other Italian specialties at Nennella or sample an array of risotto dishes and vegetarian options at Valu. For a fine dining experience second to none with breathtaking views over Santa Lucia Bay, indulge in a meal at La Terrazza dell'Excelsior where you'll delight in specialty dishes made from the freshest local ingredients against a backdrop of pure Mediterranean splendor. Don't forget to treat yourself to dessert, because top-notch bakeries and gelaterias are among some of the most adored places to eat in Naples, tempting you to satiate your sweet tooth with an assortment of traditional Neapolitan pastries like baba, sfogliatella, rococo, and zeppole.

Don't forget, experiencing the wide breadth of cafes and restaurants in Naples will be easy when you navigate the city in confidence, whether on foot or in your rental car, with a free portable GPS rental!

Restaurant/Bar Price
Pizzeria Brandi $$ Salita Sant'Anna di Palazzo 1-2, Naples, IT
Di Matteo $ Via dei Tribunali 94, Naples, IT
Da Michele $$ Via Cesare Sersale 1-3, Naples, IT
Hosteria Toledo $$$ Vico Giardinetto 78a, Naples, IT
Nennella $ Vico Lungo Teatro Nuovo 105, Naples, IT
Valu $$$ Vico Lungo del Gelso 80, Naples, IT
La Terrazza dell'Excelsior $$$$ Via Partenope 48, 80121 Naples, IT

Naples Hotels and Lodging: Naples is a heavily developed tourist center with accommodations and lodgings for all budgets scattered about the city and surrounding areas. Choose a cozy inn like Hotel Prati as your base of operations for exploring the downtown area or Hotel Ideal, located just a few steps from Naples Central Station Garibaldi. De La Ville is another centrally-located hotel where you can spend a night within walking distance of the best attractions in Naples while saving plenty of capital to spend on the rest of your trip! Look to Grand Hotel Parker's if you want to splurge on an indulgent 5 star stay with marble bathrooms, elegant décor, and easy access to an array of acclaimed dining opportunities or Santa Brigida, where you can immerse yourself in an atmosphere of serene luxury with views of the Tyrrhenian Sea. There are hundreds of fantastic places to stay when visiting this exciting area, so book a great deal on your accommodations of choice with Auto Europe; we are dedicated to offering you only the best hotels in Naples!

Travelers should be wary that the city of Naples is a bustling metropolitan center vulnerable to considerable amounts of traffic and difficulties parking in some areas, so it is advisable to either pick up your rental car upon leaving the city or to book a hotel conveniently located outside of the downtown area. The Grand Hotel Vanvitelli offers an excellent value on a charming 4 star stay with a private car park and beautifully decorated environment all just a few miles north of Naples. Wow your fellow travelers at The Plaza, which boasts an impressive atrium of fountains and gardens, a fantastic in-hotel restaurant, and cocktail bars that overlook the private pool, or the family-friendly Hotel Leonessa, located at the foot of Mt. Vesuvius for easy access to both the volcanic Vesuvio National Park and the historic downtown area of Naples. 

Campania Road Trip: Mount Vesuvius Scenic Drive Map

Italy Road Trip Naples Vesuvio Scenic Drive Map

Map image and directions courtesy of Google Maps

Always drive in accordance with posted road signs and applicable laws

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Campania, Italy Sorrento Peninsula Road Trip Day 2: Sorrento

Italy Road Trip Planner Campania Island of CapriSorrento Attractions and Activities:  This balmy coastal city is a utopia of seaside culture and adventure where you'll quickly discover some of your favorite things to do in Sorrento! Spend some time touring the city, which stretches from the coastline to the inland cliffs above, with your Sorrento rental car and try some of the many local cafes and bars. Sip espresso on a waterfront terrace while you soak in the scenery of crystal clear blue waters or experience the Tyrrhenian Sea first hand with a refreshing dip at the beach. Stroll around town to catch a glimpse of the fantastic Mediterranean architecture or take a more structured approach to touring local heritage at the picture gallery Correale di Terranova Museum (Via Correale 50, Sorrento, IT). Take a ferry to the Island of Capri and treat yourself at extravagant high-end shopping boutiques or see the famous island cave Blue Grotto, site to some of the most pristine turquoise waters in the world.

Italy Road Trip Planner Pompeii RuinsAmong the many things to do in Sorrento, the city makes a wonderful base for visitors to explore Pompeii and the natural bounty of the surrounding countryside. Take a Pompeii daytrip and stop in at the Puntacampanella Natural Reserve before you uncover the mysteries of an ancient city with a tour of the Pompeii ruins. The village was astonishingly well-preserved after being covered with ash and soot from an unexpected eruption of Mount Vesuvius almost 2,000 years ago and you'll find yourself awe-stricken as you gaze over archeological sites like the Temple of Apollo, Via dei Sepolcri, Forum Granary, and the notorious House of the Tragic Poet. Delight in the lemon terraces and scenic farmland along the way and visit Pompeii from Sorrento with the guaranteed best rate on a Sorrento car rental!

Sorrento Restaurants: This locale contributes an important element to Italian cuisine and the area is home to a number of unique dishes. Try the Gnocchi alla Sorrentina at O Parrucchiano Restaurant for a heavenly indulgence of fluffy homemade potato gnocchi with red sauce and baked mozzarella cheese. Visit Villa Rubinacci Restaurant for an elegant experience with creatively prepared Sorrentina dishes along with locally famous pizzas created in a variety of inventive and special ways. Artichoke parmigiana is a specialty at Restaurant Don Alfonso 1890 where you'll sample offerings from one of the most highly acclaimed chefs in the region and you can even take home a number of goods, from homemade pastas and sauces to honey and jams, grown right in the local Don Alfonso Farm! Stop in at Pizzeria Da Franco or The Red Lion for a quick bite to eat at a great value and be sure to try some of the locally-sourced limoncello after your meal. Splurge on a romantic culinary endeavor at Ristorante Bagni Delfino where you'll be able to spoil yourself with first-class cuisine and outstanding seafood while taking in panoramic views of the gorgeous Tyrrhenian Sea.

Don't forget dessert, because Sorrento is home to a myriad of incredibly delicious gelaterias and bakeries; you'll have to try a few to find your favorite but Gelateria Zini is a good place to start!

Restaurant/Bar Price
O Parrucchiano Restaurant $$$ Corso Italia 71, 80067 Sorrento, IT
Via Rubinacci Restaurant $$$ Via Correale 25, 80067 Sorrento, IT
Restaurant Don Alfonso 1890 $$$$ Corso S. Agata 13, Sant'Agata sui due Golfi, Sorrento, IT
Pizzeria Da Franco $ Corso Italia 265, 80063 Sorrento, IT
The Red Lion $$ Via Marziale 25, 80067 Sorrento, IT
Ristorante Bagni Delfino $$$$ Via Marina Grande 216, 80067 Sorrento, IT
Gelateria Zini $$ Via Fuoro 27, 80067 Sorrento, IT

Sorrento Hotels and Lodging: Find yourself a charming bed & breakfast to spend the night or a luxury suite to indulge your senses; there's no shortage of great hotels in Sorrento to take a break at while you tour the Sorrento Peninsula! Available accommodations run the gambit from quaint and cost-efficient bed and breakfasts to sumptuous resort experiences so there's always a room available for any budget in this lovely locale. Look into Emily Suites for a great value right on the Via Corso Italia, renowned for its restaurant and night life locations or Sorrento Town Suites, where the friendly staff and personable locals will be eager to guide you towards the best sights and attractions within just a few steps of the facilities.

Parco Dei Principi offers a 5 star stay envied Italy Road Trip Planner Campania Sorrento Coastamongst other hotels in Sorrento and you'll be delighted by the luxurious amenities and sophisticated architecture of the building which sits on a cliff overlooking the sea. Book a suite at Grand Hotel La Pace, conveniently located in the center of town, and cater to your more refined desires in the on-site sauna and spa or just take in the breathtaking views from your private balcony, standard with every room. Save some capital without sacrificing succulence at Grand La Panoramica, just a few minutes outside of Sorrento in quiet and peaceful Castellammare di Stabia, for a serene setting in luxurious accommodations with easy access to tour Pompeii and the surrounding natural beauty. There are many things to see and do in this beautiful coastal paradise so it would be wise to take your time investigating the area and spend a night at one of many fantastic Sorrento hotels!

Campania Road Trip: Naples to Sorrento Scenic Drive Map

Italy Road Trip Sorrento Scenic Drive Map

Map image and directions courtesy of Google Maps

Always drive in accordance with posted road signs and applicable laws

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Campania, Italy Sorrento Peninsula Road Trip Day 3: Positano

Positano Events and Attractions: Whether it's your first time visiting or even if you've already been on many trips to Italy, this is a destination you simply must sojourn at some point in your exploration of Europe. Situated neatly amongst dramatic cliffs and turquoise oceanic panoramas, tours of Amalfi Coast by car are just one attraction among many things to do in Positano Italy. The town itself is a sight to behold and travelers from around the globe visit Positano for a glimpse of one of the most spectacular destinations in the world. The College of Santa Maria Assunta is a popular site representative of the beautiful architecture of this bucolic town, perched on a hill that slopes down to the shoreline. Take a walk through the harbor or among the old churches downtown and soak in the scenery as wonderful free things to do in Positano or shop for local crafts and goods widely coveted and desired internationally, such as pottery, colorful silks, and limoncello made from the world-renowned local lemons. Kick back and relax on the secluded Fornillo beach or Spiaggia Grande, the bustling waterfront and primary port in the city. Hire a private water taxi to tour the Amalfi Coast from sea level or follow the footpaths towards Montepertuso in the Valle delle Ferriere Reserve National Park and stroll through lemon terraces and cypress trees in the hills with stunning views of the surrounding landscape.

When you visit Positano Italy you will be afforded the opportunity to explore one of the most naturally rich and gorgeously scenic locales in existence so prepare yourself to take advantage of the impressive picturesque bounty available to you. Take your time exploring the area in the comfort and convenience of your own vehicle and book a guaranteed low rate on a car rental, whether you plan to visit for a day or even if you need a great deal on a long-term car rental!

Italy Road Trip Planner Campania Positano RestaurantPositano Restaurants: You'll find exceedingly scrumptious offerings of pizza, pastas, seafood, and other local specialties made fresh with local ingredients at many fantastic Positano restaurants. Don't be afraid to venture out and try an appealing mom n' pop eatery but if you want an meal that's sure to please be sure to stop by Grottino Azzurro where a lovely local couple will be waiting to serve you a variety of traditional Italian dishes at a price that can't be beat. Al Barilotto Del Nonno also serves delicious home cooked meals in a quaint and inviting environment featuring divine gnocchi and bruschetta that's acclaimed as a contender for the best in Italy. A truly authentic experience can be found at La Tagliata, a Positano restaurant surrounded by the vines and flora that yield produce used by the chefs and no printed menu; daily dishes are based purely upon what ingredients are freshest! For an elegant dining experience in an exotic atmosphere amidst the resplendent cliffs of the Amalfi Coast make a reservation at Al Palazzo and treat yourself to an array of carefully prepared specialties with an impressive wine selection, to boot! If you find yourself very hungry then be sure to visit Il Ritrovo for generous portions of traditional Italian dishes served by a welcoming staff in a family-friendly setting or head over to Next2 for a great meal in the evening or a few drinks with friends.

Restaurant/Bar Price
Grottino Azzurro $ Via Guglielmo Marconi 158, 84017 Positano, IT
Al Barilotto Del Nonno $$ Via Laurito 17, 84017 Positano, IT
La Tagliata $$$ Via Monsignor Vito Talamo, 84017 Positano, IT
Al Palazzo $$$$ Via dei Mulini 23, Hotel Palazzo Murat, 84017 Positano, IT
Il Ritrovo $$$ Via Montepertuso 77, 84017 Positano, IT
Next2 $$$ Via Pasitea 242, 84017 Positano, IT

Positano Hotels and Lodging:  Luxurious villas and suites are prominent among Positano hotels and lodging but visitors can also find good value in stays at a number of charming yet cost-efficient locations. You can get a room with views of the sea for less than you might imagine at Positano Art Hotel Pasitea or spend a night at Conca D'Oro, where you can enjoy a romantic dinner by candlelight on the captivating terrace. Get a great deal on 4 star accommodations at Posa Posa, located high in the hills overlooking the city, and find yourself immersed in an atmosphere of scenic elation! You can have your own private balcony with a panoramic views at Hotel Villa Gabrisa (Via Pasitea 219/227, 84017 Positano, IT) or a fashionably furnished room at Villa Celentano, great for travelers on a budget.

If you're looking to splurge on your trip, there are plenty of fabulous Positano hotels and lodging that fit the bill. Treat yourself to a night at Villa Tre Ville (Via Arienzo 30, 84017 Positano, IT) and discover what it means to stay in the lap of luxury at one of the most highly-acclaimed hotels in Positano. Uncover your own personal paradise at Hotel Buca di Bacco (Via Rampa Teglie 4, 84017 Positano, IT) with direct access to the comely shoreline; great for families and couples alike! If you'll accept nothing less than the absolute best, look to the 5 star Covo Dei Saraceni (Via Regina Giovanna 5, 84017 Positano, IT)  for its immaculate grounds, including opulently decorated lounges, exquisite restaurant and bar with a scenic dining terrace, and spectacular pool centrally located right on the beach with panoramic views abound.

Amalfi Coast Road Trip: Sorrento to Positano Scenic Drive Map

Italy Road Trip Positano Scenic Drive Map

Map image and directions courtesy of Google Maps

Always drive in accordance with posted road signs and applicable laws

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Campania, Italy Sorrento Peninsula Road Trip Day 4: Salerno

Salerno Events, Attractions, Nightlife: The conclusion of your Sorrento Peninsula road trip will lead you on one of the most breathtakingly scenic drives in the world along the Amalfi coast, ending at the historic city of Salerno. You'll sojourn through a delightful series of Mediterranean villages along your dramatic coastal route, giving you the opportunity to relax on the beach of Maiori, discover the crown jewel of all Amalfi Coast tours at the city of Amalfi, experience the peaceful beauty of Praiano, and uncover the delightful charm of the tiny fishing village Cetara. Cruise down the seaside route renowned around the globe for its stunning beauty and natural appeal as you unfold your very own journey and tour the Amalfi Coast. The drive itself will afford you the experience of a lifetime but you'll appreciate the cultural and architectural wonders that await you upon arriving at your destination, with tons of sights and things to do in Salerno, too!

Neatly situated at the eastern end of the Amalfi Coast, the city of Salerno is a popular center for tourism with a charming historical appeal. Be sure to see the Duomo of Salerno for a resplendent example of Medieval Italian architecture and take some time to investigate the ancient streets and alleyways of historical old town, too. You can spend an entire afternoon strolling along the Lungomare and visiting shops along the pretty seaside promenade for a wonderful free attraction and the Villa Communale in the center of the city offers a peaceful place to relax among a verdant array of flowers and plants. If you're looking for a unique angle on the sights of the Amalfi Coast, several charter companies offer guided boat tours that will take you back along the iconic driving route from a sea level perspective!     

Salerno Restaurants: When it comes to a quality Italian meal the choices are endless among restaurants in Salerno! Pizza is a specialty all around Italy but Salerno restaurants pride themselves on offering some of the tastiest pies in the country; try out Pulecenella Pizzeria or Pizzeria Trattoria da Riccardo for some of the best pizza in town at a fantastic value. If you're looking for a truly great dinner spot visit La Botte Pazza where you'll feast on generous portions of authentic Italian fare with free wine on tap, to boot! Try something a little different at the widely acclaimed Ylas Creperie & Gastronomia in the form of unique crepe creations of assorted Italian specialties wrapped in sweet and savory pastry, great for an intriguing lunch or decadent dessert alike.

Along with appealing casual eateries, Salerno is a veritable mecca of refined cultural dining establishments and a number of venues host chefs eager to guide you on a well-informed culinary adventure. A rustic allure permeates the atmosphere at Botteghelle 65 and the personable staff will help you choose your ideal meal with wine pairing at an astonishingly reasonable price. There are no menus at this authentic eatery; only what locally sourced ingredients are freshest for the day! Stop in and meet the owners of L'Unico who are truly passionate about offering a selection of splendidly fresh seafood dishes in a cozy corner downtown or indulge in lavishly plated creations right behind the Duomo of Salerno amidst a casually elegant atmosphere at Ristorante Cicirinella. You'll delight in the myriad of excellent Salerno restaurants to choose from and the warm hospitable atmosphere at any one of these choice eateries will make you feel just like a local!

Restaurant/Bar Price
Pulecenella Pizzeria $ Via Case Rosse 88, Fuorni, 84131 Salerno, IT
Pizzeria Trattoria da Riccardo $ Calata S. Vito 97, 84126 Salerno, IT
La Botte Pazza $$$ Vicolo Giovanni Ruggi 3, Piazza Portanova, 84100 Salerno, IT
Ylas Creperie & Gastronomia $$ Via Luigi Guercio 86/88, 84134 Salerno, IT
Botteghelle 65 $$$ Via Botteghelle 65, 84121 Salerno, IT
L'Unico $$$$ Largo san Giorgio 14, Via Duomo, 84121 Salerno, IT
Ristorante Cicirinella $$$$ Via Antonio Genovesi, 84121 Salerno, IT

Salerno Hotels and Lodging: Spend a night at a hotel in Salerno and grant yourself easy access to all of the sights and attractions downtown! You'll find a great value at Grand Salerno with a fabulous location right on the water and stylish modern decorating, all within a short walk to the city's many restaurants and bars. If you're looking to save money on a comfortable 4 star stay look no further than Novotel Salerno Est. Arechi, a charming family-friendly establishment located just a short drive from the city center, offering free Wifi, indoor and outdoor pools, and a children's playground. A truly unique vacation experience can be had at Villaggio Tabu, a quaint commune of cottages surrounded by olive trees and greenery in the Cilento National Park. Immerse yourself in a world of peaceful indulgence here and experience the finer things in life in a true Italian fashion; the amiable owners will be happy to be your guides!  

Campania Road Trip: Positano to Salerno Amalfi Coast Scenic Drive Map

Italy Road Trip Salerno Scenic Drive Map

Map image and directions courtesy of Google Maps

Always drive in accordance with posted road signs and applicable laws

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