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    AUDI A5

    Luxury Car Rentals Worldwide
    Luxury Car Rentals Worldwide

    Drive an Audi A5 from Auto Europe

    Rent an Audi A5The Audi A5 is an vehicle that fuses trendy coupe styling with an unprecedented level of performance. The A5's wide, low stance and V-shaped bonnet highlight the vehicle's sporty appearance and its elongated lines lead to the attractive tailgate, while the sleek and frameless doors increase the vehicle's overall visual appeal. If you are in the process of trying to arrange a rental car for an upcoming vacation or business trip, this vehicle would be an ideal choice as its spacious interior provides ample head and leg room for drivers and passengers.



    Audi A5 Specs & Vehicle Information

    Car Class: Luxury
    Number of Doors: 4
    Number of Seats: 5
    Transmission: Automatic
    Fuel Type: Gasoline
    Fuel Economy (Gas): 27mpg
    Engine: 4 Cylinder Petrol Turbo 2.0 L (252 HP)
    Luggage Capacity: 617 LTR

    What Makes the Audi A5 Unique?

    Audi LogoThe attention to detail and level of refinement that is on display inside the A5's cabin puts other luxury brands to shame. The ergonomic design of the cockpit allows for drivers to naturally find the controls they need and helps to create a cohesive and intuitive driving experience. Newer model A5's are equipped with start stop features that help improve fuel economy and lower CO2 emissions. Engineers at Audi have not only improved the vehicle's performance, they have pushed the boundaries for safety and have created effective solutions for protecting drivers and passengers. These new innovations that have made directly contribute to Audi vehicles being some of the safest in the world, which will give you peace of mind while driving on unfamiliar roadways or inclement weather.

    If you are planning a full tour of your host country, the Audi A5 will get you there in comfort and in style. Passengers are able to easily adjust comfort settings and drivers are able to tweak the steering and throttle responses for a sportier drive. The vehicle seamlessly adapts to current road and weather conditions while allowing you to configure the dynamics of the vehicle to your suit personal driving preferences.

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    Auto Europe maintains an extensive luxury car rental fleet with multiple different Audi models available. Reserve an Audi with us today and enjoy a true luxury driving experience for your trip abroad. Start comparing rental rates today to find the ideal itinerary for you and your travel group!

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    Auto Europe Can Help You Rent an Audi A5

    Rent an Audi a5 SportbackAuto Europe has been helping clients drive high-end vehicles in foreign cities around the world for nearly 60 years. We are proud to offer automobiles that are internationally renowned for superior performance and engineering excellence and look forward to helping you arrange the vehicle that best compliments your travel plans! Contact our Prestige Department toll-free 24/7 at 1-888-223-5555 or make your reservation online.