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    Driving Distance from Sicily

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    Driving Distance from Sicily, Italy

    Driving Distances from Sicily, Italy Having an idea about the driving distance from Sicily to some of Italy's other popular vacation destinations will help you better prepare for your self-driven tour of this enchanting Italian island. Immerse yourself in culture and tradition on your next trip to Sicily and let the beautiful scenery be your guide.Whether you're looking for the driving distance from Palermo to Siracusa or are looking to venture off the island, let Auto Europe help you find the most direct route!

    Sicily Driving Distance Table

    Distance From City Distance To City Distance (km) Distance (miles) Distance From City Distance To City Distance (km) Distance (miles)
    Palermo Siracusa 260 161.56 Sicily Lamezia Terme 341.00 211.89
    Palermo Marsala 125 77.67 Sicily Cagliari 588.00 365.37
    Siracusa Taormina 118 73.32 Sicily Catania 116.22 72.22
    Sicily Florence 1162 722.03 Sicily Bari 654.00 406.38
    Sicily Naples 703 436.82 Sicily Rome 911.00 566.07
    Sicily Pisa 1240 770.50 Sicily Milan 1460.00 907.20
    Sicily Turin 1577 979.90 Sicily Florence 1162.00 722.03
    Sicily Bologna 1262 784.17 Sicily Sardinia 746.00 463.54
    Sicily Siena 1107 687.86 Sicily Brindisi 652.00 405.13

    More Information About Driving in Sicily

    You'll never forget the crystal blue waters of Sicily, and when you travel by rental car, you can make the most of this gem of a Mediterranean island. During your Sicilian experience, you can enjoy everything from sunbathing, to mountain climbing, to cliff diving, swimming, wine tastings, exquisite food, and gorgeous sights at all hours of the day.

    The Sicilian capital of Palermo sits along the northern coastMore Information About Driving in Sicilian of the island, and beautiful views will never be in short supply. While in Palermo, be sure to visit Palazzo dei Normanni, Cappella Palatina, and Teatro Massimo. The southeastern Sicilian city of Siracusa is 260 km from Palermo. If you travel along route A19, you'll arrive in Siracusa from Palermo in just under 3 hours. Should you decide to see more of Sicily on your journey from Palermo to Siracusa, you can visit Caltanissetta and Catania along the way.

    Though the major cities of mainland Italy aren't in close proximity to Sicily, you can easily make the long journeys more full of sightseeing and relaxing experiences when you travel by rental car. The Italian capital of Rome is 911 km away and when driving via route A3, you can enjoy the western coastline for 10 hours, stopping Naples and a number of towns and villages along the way. If you wish to see the most of Italy and want to travel to a central Italian city, Florence is the city for you at a whopping 1162 km from Palermo! Traveling via route A1 and A3 will get you to Florence in about 12 hours, while the E55 scenic route along the eastern coastline takes up to 15 hours.

    Whether you'll be primarily visiting the Sicily's larger cities, or will be venturing to a few of the island's smaller locales, there are plenty of things to keep you busy in Sicily! However you plan on spending your time on the island, you'll discover a myriad of exciting Sicilian attractions just waiting to be explored. When it comes time to book your car rental, rely on Auto Europe for the guaranteed best rates and award-winning customer service. Simply use the secure search form on the left side of this page, or call us toll-free 24/7 to speak with a representative today!

    Beyond Driving Distances in Sicily: Be Prepared For Your Trip

    Tips for Driving in Sicily

    Looking for more info. about driving in Sicily? Learn to drive the largest island in the Mediterranean.

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