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    Short Term Car Leases at Vigo Airport

    See More with a Car Lease in VigoAuto Europe provides short term lease alternatives for travelers to Spain to give an affordable option for our users wanting to reserve a rental from 21-175 days in The EU. Auto Europe works with Citroën, DS Automobiles and Peugeot to offer an impressive fleet of brand new autos with functions unavailable for rental cars in Spain. Wish to know the actual car you will be driving? All Citroën, DS and Peugeot short-term leases ensure the particular auto you pick out and reserve.

    • Complete Vehicle Insurance Coverage including Third Party Liability and Theft
    • No Mile Limitations
    • Total Factory Warranty Included
    • Let your Family Members Drive the Vehicle at No Charge
    • 24-Hour Curbside Support for the Extent of the Visit
    • Accessible for Drivers 18+ without Charge

    At Auto Europe, we provide our clients a variety of traveling alternatives, we go above typical Vigo rental cars. Our partnership with Peugeot, DS and Citroën supply a luxury-like experience without the expensive fees that can come with most luxury rentals. For you to be eligible for Auto Europe's lease product, individuals must live outside of Europe. Discover more about the great things about a temporary lease in Vigo with Auto Europe.

    Temporary Leasing Automobile Choices in Vigo

    Auto Europe delivers an outstanding fleet of leasing choices from Citroën, DS and Peugeot at Vigo Airport. When you lease using Auto Europe, we will be able to be sure that the exact model you reserve in contrast to traditional rental car bookings. When comparing the price of a lease to a longer term rental car in Vigo, a lease may actually help save individuals money over renting an automobile at Vigo-Peinador Airport.

    Car-2-Europe with Citroën

    Citroën C3 Aircross Essence
    Citroën just unveiled their most recent fleet of models. Smaller inexpensive models to family-sized automobiles, Citroën's latest fleet has an option for travel parties of all sizes.

    Models Available to Lease in Vigo:
    Citroën C3, Citroën C3 Aircross, Citroën C4 Cactus Cool, Citroën C5 Aircross, Citroën C4 Space Tourer, Citroën Grand C4 Space Tourer, Citroën Berlingo, Citroën Space Tourer

    Learn more about your options with our Citroën Leasing Fleet Guide.

    Car-2-Europe with DS Automobiles

    Citroën DS 7 Crossback
    DS Automobiles offers a smaller range of vehicles for US travelers but these vehicles are all from their latest range. Find a great rate for your temporary transit in Europe today!

    Models Available to Lease in Europe:
    DS3 Crossback, DS7 Crossback, DS7 Crossback Hybrid

    Learn more about your temporary transit options with temporary transit options with DS Automobiles.

    Car-2-Europe with Peugeot

    Peugeot 2008
    Peugeot automobiles have a reputation of merging luxury and reliability. A Peugeot lease offers travelers an affordable alternative on a great new automobile for their period of time Spain. Find the perfect model for your trip with Auto Europe.

    Models Available to Lease in Vigo:
    Peugeot 208, Peugeot 2008, Peugeot 308, Peugeot 308SW, Peugeot 3008, Peugeot 5008, Peugeot 508, Peugeot 508SW, Peugeot Rifter, Peugeot Traveller

    Learn more about your options with our Peugeot Leasing Fleet Guide.

    Peugeot Delivery and Return Instructions in Vigo

    You can only pick up or drop off your vehicle upon presentation of flight details or with an appointment confirmed 4 working days in advance.

    Getting Your Car Lease in Vigo

    The leasing offices in Vigo are open between 7:00 AM and 9:00 PM Monday Through Friday, as well as the instructions for acquiring your lease, whether it be from Peugeot Citroen or DS Automobiles will remain the same.

    • When you arrive to the Vigo Aiport from a flight, please phone our representative on 98 64 98 864 or on 607 564 782
    • They will then provide you with information to reach the shuttle which will bring you to the pick up center, 250m/820.3ft from terminal
    • Your incoming flight information is important for the agent to be able to meet you at the appropriate time
    • If your flight details change for any reason, please contact the Peugeot office using the telephone numbers below.

    Dropping Off Your Car Lease in Vigo

    For Vehicle returns, please contact Peugeot Sodexa four business days prior to your prearranged date of return. At the office, press the bell on the left side of the gate to open it and go to inside. You will be transported to the terminal in a shuttle bus. Further procedures and information for return witll be provided when you call for a vehicle return appointment.

    Download a PDF version of the map below and save it to your phone or print it out for step-by-step instructions and location information to pick-up your car lease at the Vigo Airport.

    Vigo Airport Map for Picking up a Car Lease
    Vigo Airport
    Tramagasa Tradive SL
    Camino de Pino Manso, S/n, Campa Peindao, 36318

    IATA Code: VGO
    ICAO Code: LEVX
    Latitude: 42.229167
    Longitude: -8.6275
    General Information: When you arrive into Vigo Aiport from a flight, please phone our representative on 98 64 98 864 or on 607 564 782. They will then provide you with information to reach the shuttle which will bring you to the pick up center, 250m/820.3ft from terminal.

    Directions to Lease Location at Vigo Airport

    By Car from Porto: Take Highway A3. Then, Highway A55 towards Pontevedra/Vigo. Follow Highway AP9/E1 towards Pontevedra and take Exit 157.
    By Car from Santiago-de-Compostela: Follow Highway AP9/E1 towards Vigo and take Exit 157.
    By Car from Ourense: Follow Highway A52. Then, Highway AP9/E1 and take Exit 157.
    By Car from Vigo: Follow Highway AP9/E1 and take Exit 157.

    Click the link to download a pdf map with directions
    Vigo Airport Map PDF Vigo Airport Peugeot Lease Location Guide

    Your Vigo Auto Leasing Questions Addressed

    Exactly what perks can come with my lease in Vigo?

    In addition to being able to drive your choice of a brand-new automobile off the parking lot, get ready to enjoy unrestricted miles, absolutely no deductible insurance coverage, and 24/7 curbside aid among many more wonderful benefits with your short-term lease.

    For how long can I lease a motor vehicle in Vigo?

    To lease an automobile via Auto Europe, tourists leasing time period must be in between 21 and 175 days.

    Contact Auto Europe for your Lease in VigoWill a GPS device accompany the automobile?

    Of course! Every short-term leases come with a GPS to enable you to navigate the inner workings of Vigo and Europe.

    Can I go across international borders with my leased vehicle?

    For most vehicle leases, travel into other European nations is permitted. There are a few countries which can be off-limits, verify your itinerary with your customer support agent.

    Can a relative drive the vehicle lease in Vigo?

    Standard rental car companies will charge extra to get another driver. With an automobile lease at Vigo-Peinador Airport, relatives can share driving responsibilities.