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    Short Term Car Leasing Options at Munich Airport

    See More with a Car Lease in MunichAuto Europe gives short term lease alternatives for individuals to Germany to supply an economical option for our customers looking to book a rental from 21-175 days in The EU. Auto Europe can offer brand new Peugeot, DS and Citroën automobile options to visitors with advantages not out there for traditional car rentals in Germany. Not only do we guarantee a new Peugeot, DS or Citroën auto, we guarantee the particular model that you choose to lease with Auto Europe.

    • Complete Insurance Offer with Third Party Liability and Auto Theft
    • Unlimited Miles
    • Vehicle Under Warranty for Entirety of Visit
    • Let your Relatives Drive the Automobile at No Charge
    • Around the clock Roadside Service
    • Simply No Young Driver Fees for Individuals under 25

    Auto Europe is far more than just a rental car company in Munich. Our partnership with Peugeot, DS Automobiles and Citroën provide a luxury-like experience minus the steep charges that come with most high-end rentals. Residents of the EU aren't permitted to lease a Peugeot, DS or Citroën by means of Auto Europe. Understand why you ought to lease a car in Munich with Auto Europe down below.

    Vehicle Leasing Choices for Travelers at Munich Airport

    We have more than 20 unique Peugeot, DS and Citroën automobiles to choose between at Munich Airport. Lease a car via Auto Europe and drive your car lease anywhere in the European Union in as many as forty countries. If you've been planning to rent an automobile in Munich for an extended time period, the cost of leasing a brand-new vehicle from Citroën, DS or Peugeot can be less costly than renting a vehicle at the airport in Munich.

    Car-2-Europe with Citroën

    Citroën C3
    Take a look at Citroën's new range from city cars to family autos and superminis to MPVs - each one is technologically advanced, exceptionally comfy and created to fit your everyday requirements.

    Models Available to Lease in Munich:
    Citroën C3, Citroën C3 Aircross, Citroën C4 Cactus Cool, Citroën C5 Aircross, Citroën C4 Space Tourer, Citroën Grand C4 Space Tourer, Citroën Berlingo, Citroën Space Tourer

    Learn more about your options with our Citroën Leasing Fleet Guide.

    Car-2-Europe with DS Automobiles

    Citroën DS 3 Crossback
    DS Automobiles offers a smaller range of vehicles for US travelers but these vehicles are all from their latest range. Find a great rate for your temporary transit in Europe today!

    Models Available to Lease in Europe:
    DS3 Crossback, DS7 Crossback, DS7 Crossback Hybrid

    Learn more about your temporary transit options with temporary transit options with DS Automobiles.

    Car-2-Europe with Peugeot

    Peugeot 2008
    Discover a new type of Peugeot car from our latest Peugeot model range. Merging beauty with confidence, prowess with durability, and style with functionality - our full Peugeot automobile range provides you with a driving experience like no other.

    Models Available to Lease in Munich:
    Peugeot 208, Peugeot 2008, Peugeot 308, Peugeot 308SW, Peugeot 3008, Peugeot 5008, Peugeot 508, Peugeot 508SW, Peugeot Rifter, Peugeot Traveller

    Learn more about your options with our Peugeot Leasing Fleet Guide.

    Car-2-Europe Lease Delivery and Return Instructions in Munich

    You can only pick up or drop off your vehicle upon presentation of flight details or with an appointment confirmed 4 working days in advance.

    Picking Up Your Vehicle Lease in Munich

    No matter which company you decide to lease a vehicle from between Peugeot, Citroen and DS Automobiles the instructions to acquire your vehicle will remain consistent. The offices are open Daily from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

    • After arriving into Munich Airport from a flight, collect your luggage, contact MDS/Munich on 069 332 96 246
    • A Car2Europe (formerly known as Peugeot Open Europe) representative will meet you and take you via minibus to the collection point, approximately 5km/3.1mi from the airport
    • The agent will wait for up to 1 hour after the actual arrival time of your scheduled flight and 30 minutes after the time of the appointment
    • Your incoming flight information is important for the agent to be able to meet you at the appropriate time
    • If your flight details change for any reason, please contact the Peugeot office using the telephone numbers below immediately.

    Dropping Off Your Vehicle Lease in Munich

    To return your vehicle, take highway E53 towards the Munich Airport, taking the Hallbergmoos exit, and then continuing on the K44 towards Hallbergmoos. Upon dropping off your car, a shuttle bus will bring you back to the departure terminals. The procedures and information for return will be provided when you call for a vehicle return appointment.

    Download a PDF version of the map below and save it to your phone or print it out for step-by-step instructions and location information to pick-up your car lease at the Munich Airport.

    Munich Airport Car Leasing Map
    Munich Airport
    Nordallee 25
    München, Bavaria, 85356

    IATA Code: MUC
    ICAO Code: EDDM
    Latitude: 48.353889
    Longitude: 11.786111
    General Information: After arriving into Munich Airport from a flight, collect your luggage, contact MDS/Munich on 069 332 96 246. A Peugeot Car2Europe representative will meet you and take you via minibus to the collection point, approximately 5km/3.1mi from the airport. The agent will wait for up to 1 hour after the actual arrival time of your scheduled flight and 30 minutes after the time of the appointment.

    Directions to Lease Location at Munich Airport

    Important: the MDS/Munich center is in an isolated building.
    By Car from Munich: Follow Highway A9 for 20km/12.5mi until taking Exit 68 for Munich Airport. Follow highway A93/E53 for 8km/5mi to Exit 6 for Munich Airport, Hallbergmoos. Exit at Hallbergmoos. Take ST 2084 and then K44 for 2km/1.3mi.
    By Car from Langenpreising: Follow Highway A92/E53 toward Munich for 19km/12mi. Take Exit 7 Hallbergmoos, then take K44 for 4km/2.5mi.

    Please review our terms and conditions for information regarding delivery and return fees to Munich.

    Click the link to download a PDF map and directions
    Munich Airport Map PDF  Munich Airport Peugeot Lease Location Guide

    Frequently Asked Questions on Vehicle Leases in Munich

    What incentives can come with my lease in Munich?

    There are many reasons to lease a vehicle in Munich, limitless miles, 24 / 7 roadside service, freely move over EU borders, on top of the selling point of driving off of the lot with a brand new vehicle.

    How long must I be in the EU to be able to get a short-term lease?

    In order to lease an auto in Munich via Auto Europe, tourists leasing interval must be between 21 and 175 days.

    Contact Auto Europe for your Lease in MunichCan I acquire a GPS with my short term car lease in Munich?

    Of course, all car models have a built-in GPS device or one will be provided.

    May I drive my vehicle lease into other countries?

    Travel is authorized into 40 of the 50 European countries. Please be sure to check with your qualified agent to be confident it is possible to drive your car rental to all of your anticipated destinations.

    Will there ever be an extra fee for multiple drivers?

    As an added benefit, all members of your family could drive free of charge with your buy-back lease if they are 18 years or older and have a valid operators license.