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Long Term Car Rental from Peugeot

If you are planning to book a long term car rental in Europe and you will be traveling for more than 15 days you'll certainly be interested in our Peugeot Open Europe "Buy Back" program. This exciting option allows travelers to rent a car for a month in Europe at discounted rates. Enjoy the comfort and convenience of a factory-new vehicle for the duration of your trip: whether you are looking for something economical, you need room for the whole family, or you are looking to indulge in a sporty convertible, Auto Europe can cater to your needs. We offer an assortment of factory-new Peugeot cars for lease in Europe - each of which provides travelers with unbeatable savings.

Try a practical Peugeot 2008, a roomy 5008 or a sleek 308cc. With an expansive fleet of Peugeot buy back cars and over 45 pick-up and drop-off locations, our monthly car rental program is the obvious choice for savvy travelers who value convenience and enjoy the flexibility of traveling by car.
Long Term Car Rentals

Long Term Car Rental & Peugeot Open Europe Leasing

Long Term Car Rental and Peugeot Open Europe Leasing

Auto Europe has partnered with Peugeot to bring you the best available prices and unparalleled savings on an exciting option for long term car rental in Europe. While we offer great deals on traditional car rentals of any duration, if you are planning a trip to Europe and need a car for more than 15 days, we invite you to consider a long term rental through the Peugeot Open Europe program. Peugeot offers travelers the unique opportunity to lease a car in Europe through the Peugeot Open Europe Buy Back program, offering travelers a variety of factory-new models so itís easy to find the perfect vehicle to accommodate you during your trip.

Each Long Term Car Rental from Peugeot Features:

  • Lease rates guaranteed in US dollars.
  • Unlimited mileage.
  • 24-hour roadside assistance.
  • Non-deductible fully comprehensive insurance.
  • Exempt from European value-added-taxes and airport charges.
  • Minimum age 18 years and there is no maximum age on a monthly car rental (unlike many rental car agreements).
  • Long term car rentals from Peugeot are available for any non-European Union citizen.
  • European Union citizens living outside the E.U. can take advantage of the Buy Back program and rent a car for a month in Europe.
  • You can book your Peugeot car online.

We strongly recommend you read through the Peugeot Assistance (Emergency) Guide and the Peugeot Practical Guide prior to your departure so you are familiar with their contents.

For more information, please visit Auto Europe's Peugeot fleet guide and review the terms and conditions for booking a long term car rental in Europe.

If you have any questions you can call us toll-free at 1-888-223-5555 to speak with a specialist.

Why Rent a Car for a Month

There are numerous reasons why people book a monthly car rental in Europe, but the main two advantages of a long-term car rental or short term car lease from Peugeot are savings and comfort. Not only will you enjoy steep discounts over traditional rentals when you lease a car in Europe, but you'll also enjoy what is frequently referred to enthusiastically as that "new car smell." There's a great feeling that comes with knowing that you're the first person to drive a brand new car and the sense of ownership which you'll experience when you book a monthly car lease through the Peugeot Open Europe program is certainly part of the appeal.

Additional reasons why travelers may want to rent a car for a month include:

  • You're planning a road trip through Europe.
  • Your child is spending a semester studying abroad and you'd like them to have their own vehicle so they can stay safe by avoiding public transportation.
  • It's often less expensive than renting a car by the day (though we do offer great rates on traditional long term car rentals as well). You will enjoy big discounts when you lease a Peugeot with Auto Europe.
  • You're free to travel at your own pace, crossing international borders and exploring all of Europe at your leisure.

About Peugeot Open Europe

One of the key advantages which separates the Peugeot leasing program from traditional long-term car rental alternatives is related to the flexibility the Peugeot Open Europe program affords travelers. Not only will you enjoy the peace of mind which comes with 24-hour roadside assistance and non-deductible, fully comprehensive insurance, but when you rent a car for 15 days or more with Auto Europe you have the freedom to tour as much of Europe as you'd like.

Your Short Term Car Lease in Europe

Treating yourself to one of Peugeot's buy back cars during your trip to Europe is a great way to enhance your upcoming getaway. Enjoy terrific savings over more traditional long term car rental options when you lease a car in Europe through the Peugeot Open Europe buy back program.

Upgrade your travel experience with a monthly car rental from Peugeot's exciting fleet of vehicles. Browse our fleet videos and when you're ready you can request a buy back car online.

Long Term Car Rental Review - Auto Europe & Peugeot
Reviewed by: Henry - 5/5 Stars Long Term Car Rental Review - Auto Europe & Peugeot
Peugeot Lease in Bordeaux, France
"In our travels to France we have always leased with Auto Europe and have never been disappointed. On this trip we were very appreciative of the gentleman representative at the Bordeaux Airport. He took the time and effort to explain all aspects of the vehicle and upon return was again on time and helpful."

If you have any questions, you can call us toll free at 1-888-223-5555.

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