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    In-Depth Information About Car Rental Insurance and Waivers

    Basic Insurance vs. Inclusive Insurance

    Auto Europe's car rental packages include third-party insurance coverage and optional liability waivers provided by our rental partners. We offer two rate structures:

    Basic Rates vs. Inclusive Rates

    Basic Rates

    Auto Europe's Basic Rates include:

    • Third Party Liability Insurance
    • Fire Insurance
    • Value Added Taxes (VAT)
    • Unlimited Mileage

    Inclusive Rates

    Auto Europe's Inclusive Rates include:

    • Third Party Liability Insurance
    • Fire Insurance
    • Value Added Taxes (VAT)
    • Unlimited Mileage
    • Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)*
    • Theft Protection*
    • Zero Excess/Deductible*

    *Collision Damage Waiver and theft protection releases you from full financial responsibility for the vehicle in case of an accident or theft. In most cases you will still be responsible for a deductible of some sort when collision and theft protection are purchased. Most car rental suppliers will locally offer the option to purchase additional insurance to reduce the collision and theft deductible. Zero/Excess Deductible is also available.

    With the exception of rentals picked up in Italy, Inclusive Rates are optional and may be refused in order to use the coverage your credit card or personal insurance policy offers.

    Credit Card Coverage

    Some credit cards only offer coverage for certain car rental types. The following is exempted with most cards:

    • • Vehicles valued at over $50,000 (Mercedes-Benz 320, BMW 730, etc.)
    • • Exotic cars or antique cars (over 20 years old or have not been manufactured in 10 years).
    • • Off road or 4x4 vehicles, motorcycles, trucks, cargo vans, full-sized vans and camper vans

    Other credit card coverage concerns to consider:

    • Coverage is limited to rentals under 30 days.
    • Some credit cards do not offer coverage for car rentals in Ireland, Israel, Italy, New Zealand, Australia and travel into Eastern Europe.
    • To extend coverage, additional drivers must be listed on the European rental agreement.
    • Most credit cards will file a claim with your personal insurance company before they reimburse the deductible. This could affect your personal driving records and insurance premiums.
    • Most credit card companies require the repair bill to be paid directly by the card holder and have a specific time period to submit documentation.
    • Additionally most credit cards will not cover rentals if the card was issued outside of the customer's home country.

    Personal Automobile Coverage

    • Coverage may be limited to the value of the car you own, not the rental.
    • Some policies will not cover a rental car unless it's due to your own personal car needing repairs.
    • The insurance premium could be raised because of the claim, and you could be put in a "high risk" bracket and your insurance policy could be canceled.
    • Most policies do not cover damage or theft of personal possessions, third party liability or medical costs.

    It is your responsibility to check with your credit card company or insurance carrier to determine your coverage.

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