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    Touring Sevilla Spain - Tours and Attractions

    Upon arrival to a new vacation destination, a dizzying number of attractions await your exploration, all with their unique cultural quirks, and rich histories. Being your own guide through the many exciting sites, with the winds of curiosity in your sails has its inherent benefits, such as touring on your own schedule, and having the time to fully immerse yourself in points of interest, but that isn't to say that embarking on a guided tour isn't equally as fulfilling. Savvy travelers know the importance of a diverse vacation itinerary, mixing self-guided cultural exploration, and expertly guided touring, makes for a more engaged and productive travel experience.

    For those eager to discover Sevilla through the lens of the locals during your travels through Spain, look no further, as we at Auto Europe have compiled a detailed program of the most alluring guided tours and attractions in the city - a perfect compliment to our list of things to do in Sevilla - together encompassing the spirit of inspired travel.

    Sevilla Tapas Tour

    Spain is famous for its vibrant and flavorful cuisine; each region of the country contributing its own local offerings to Spain's unique take on the culinary arts. Sevilla's contribution comes in the form of fresh grilled seafood, ranging from oddities like squid and cuttlefish, to swordfish and dogfish. On a Tapas Tour of Sevilla, patrons will tour buzzing food markets, sampling, and learning of the many regional ingredients used in Andalusian cooking. They will also be led, by a local gastronomy expert, to a number of celebrated tapas restaurants, sampling the fare, and sipping on the regions famous wine varietals. Traveling foodies rejoice, as a Tapas Tour of Sevilla provides an all-access window into the wonderful world of Spanish culinary prowess!

    Sevilla Spain Attractions Sevilla Tapas Tour

    Hop On, Hop Off Bus Tour

    Much like the bus tours in Madrid, Barcelona, and Malaga, a hop-on hop-off bus tour of Sevilla is an excellent way to explore all of the cities enchantments, with the added benefit of having a knowledgeable, local guide at your side. Discover all of Sevilla's diverse cultural monuments, gardens, and festivals, from atop a double-decker bus, when you embark on a guided bus tour, getting off for further exploration wherever your heart desires. Busses run on a frequent, around the clock schedule, allowing you to take your time at any and all points of interest, without having to worry about catching the bus back to your hotel in Sevilla.

    Sevilla Spain Attractions Hop On Hop Off Bus Tour

    Experience Flamenco Workshop

    Spain's vibrant and colorful culture extends far beyond the reaches of architecture, museums and restaurants, influencing the performing arts as well. The traditional style of music played in Sevilla is called Flamenco, a dynamic blend of athletically precise guitar performance, heavy rhythmic clapping, and fast-paced romantic dance. During an Experience Flamenco Workshop, students of all skill levels will be taught the basics of Flamenco dancing by local experts, culminating in a group dance performance, backed by the sounds of a live band. Next time you find yourself in Sevilla, come let off some steam, dancing the night away, engaging in the cities rich cultural tradition.

    Sevilla Spain Attractions Experience Flamenco Workshop

    Donana National Park

    For unfettered access to one of the worlds largest, and most protected national parks, a guided tour is an absolute must. Donana National Park, located just outside of Sevilla, provides a glimpse into many unique ecosystems and natural shelters, and is home to thousands of European and African wildlife, from migratory birds and Egyptian mongooses, to Spanish Imperial Eagles and European badgers. The park is divided into two sections, the outer natural park and the inner national park, both of which display breathtaking views of the surrounding natural beauty. Gaining entry to the inner national park can only be done while partaking in a guided tour, allowing patrons access to the well-preserved annual pilgrimage site, El Rocio, home to a small village and famed church, housing the gilded Statue of the Virgin, a revered Spanish icon since 1280.

    Sevilla Spain Attractions Donana National Park  

    La Maestranza

    La Maestranza, built and upgraded from 1749 ? 1881, is the oldest bullfighting ring in the world, and its storied grounds have been used for centuries during Sevilla's annual bull-fighting festival, the Seville Fair. The La Maestranza ring itself is one of the most visited tourist attractions in all of Spain, as its status as the world's premier bullfighting ring makes it one of the most challenging and frenetic stages for bull fighters, many whom consider it the sports' Mecca. On a tour of La Maestranza, you will be guided through the entirety of the area, from the seats and fighting ring to the supporting fašade, learning of the famous fighters and bulls that have passed through these hallowed grounds, and the architectural styling undergone in centuries past. Whether or not you agree with the blood sport of bullfighting, the cultural identity and historic relevance represented in the ring make a guided tour of La Maestranza an absolute must. For the squeamish travelers, or those who adamantly oppose bullfighting for its perceived barbaric cruelty, guided tours of the grounds are offered throughout the year, even when the ring isn't in use.

    Sevilla Spain Attractions La Maestranza


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