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Top Car Speeds Recorded on the Autobahn


For generations the Autobahn in Germany has drawn the world's top drivers - a proving ground where the best cars are pushed to their limits. Often thought of as a singular, lawless stretch of road where there are no speed limits, in truth Germany's Autobahns are an expansive highway network designed for performance, meticulously maintained and able to withstand the weight of a jumbo jet.

So how fast can you really go on the Autobahn and which cars have the highest recorded speeds? The Autobahn speed record infographic below offers some answers and a few surprises - particularly the record-holder and the second fastest vehicle! Scroll down to learn all about the top 10 car speed records on the Autobahn in Germany:


Top Car Speeds Recorded on the Autobahn in Germany


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From speed limits and traffic laws to breaking down our fleet of available super-cars ... enjoy our nuanced tips for driving the Autobahn in Germany. Whether you're nervous about your first time on the world's most famous highway or you're preparing to pilot one of our premium Ferrari or Lamborghini car rentals, let Auto Europe help you prepare for the drive of your life!   Read Now

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Though attempting a speed record on the Autobahn these days is highly dangerous and reckless, that doesn't mean you can't enjoy this one of a kind road system from behind the wheel of a luxury rental car. Switch lanes like a professional while piloting a Porsche 911, Ferrari 458, or Lamborghini Aventador, and experience a driving sensation like never before. Even though some of the Autobahn is speed-regulated, vast sections of the highway system outside of metropolitan areas are speed-limit free, and are near-perfect training grounds for testing your vehicles capabilities. Just remember to always obey the law and be highly aware of your surroundings when cruising the Autobahn in Germany.
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