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Taxi vs. Car Rental: A Travel Cost Comparison

Ever wondered what the true cost of an airport taxi rental in Europe is? Want to know if it's cheaper to rent a car or take a cab? In Europe the answer to these questions may surprise you! These days, travelers are presented with such an abundance of transportation options that it can be difficult to identify the most cost-effective option for your vacation. What few know, though, is under most circumstances a single taxi rental to and from your hotel costs more than a multi-day car rental in the same destination.

In the infographic below, we provide European taxi cost estimates alongside actual Europe car rental costs to help you decide which ground transportation option is more affordable in 5 major travel destinations including the UK, Germany, France, Spain, and Italy. In particular we compare the cost of airport taxi fare to a 3 day car rental in London, Berlin, Paris, Barcelona, and Rome.

Check out the graphic below for a more detailed look at the travel cost comparison between taxi fares and rental cars:


How Much Can You Save With a Car Rental in Europe? Taxi vs. Car Rental: A Travel Cost Comparison





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The Many Benefits of a Car Rental in Europe

Beyond the obvious cost benefits of renting a car to tour Europe compared to relying on taxis, numerous other opportunities present themselves when you have a rental car at your disposal. Relying solely on public transportation and taxis to get around in Europe can seriously hinder your travel schedule, forcing you to wait on inconsistent schedules, crowded train cars, and overpriced cab fares. Instead of subjecting yourself to the many woes of public transport, rent a car in Europe and explore freely at your own pace, and discover off-the-beaten-path destinations and scenic vistas not accessible by bus or train.

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