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    Introducing an In-Flight Space Solution for Economy Airways

    In an effort to quell airborne disputes over limited seat space amidst economy and coach class seating, the Soarigami promises to be a practically simple but effective solution for cramped passengers.


    Dec 16, 2014

    In the endless search for ever-cheaper airline tickets, the issue of space and comfort usually falls to the wayside. The thrifty traveler, more concerned with their destinations and what they can experience and enjoy after landing, is often willing to put up with annoying passengers and limited leg room in exchange for saving a few extra dollars en route. Sure, earplugs and eyeshades are great defenses against unruly fellows in flight, but the issue of protecting one's personal space remains a challenge on crowded airplanes packed elbow-to-elbow with anxious and often unsettled passengers. Finding a great deal on airfare is the first stage of a battle braved by cost-conscious wayfarers who, until now, have been forced to fight for their fair share of the seating aisle on economy flights.


    Relief at a Discount for Confined Airplane Cabins

    A new gadget that promises to ease anxieties and stifle squabbles over personal territories on narrow airplane seats has been taking social travel media outlets by storm. The Soarigami, as it is appropriately named, offers a cheap but effective solution for delineating boundaries among sky-high seating in the form of a compact and portable foldable divider. The lightweight device is designed to attach to the slender armrest that typically separates seats in economy and coach class airline cabins, creating a physical boundary for each passenger's personal space while extending the surface area of the armrest itself. Although it may seem a petty trifle at first glance, passengers are sure to appreciate an unbiased mediator in the unspoken apprehension floating around confined airplane cabins.


    The Soarigami is designed with a minimalist appeal, conceptualized to be as compact, convenient, and economical as possible. The apparatus neatly folds together for easy transportation and, due to its simplistic construction, will only cost about $30 when it officially hits the market in early 2015. Eager buyers are promised the opportunity to pre-order one of the gadgets on the Soarigami website soon, but until then travelers will have to make due with other less appealing available accessories.   


    Missing the Mark on a Mutual Level

    Other attempts have been made at creating handy travel accessories to enhance in-flight comfort, but the ungraceful alternatives have been far from fruitful. A device affectionately known as the "Knee Defender" serves one useful, albeit intrusive, purpose; locking and preventing the seat in front of you on an airplane from reclining. The two tiny contraptions lock on to the arms of the fold-out tray on the back of airline seats, effectually preventing the seat from leaning back into your precious leg space. Although the Knee Defender is applied to the back of the seat, seemingly outside the real estate of the soon-to-be inhibited passenger in front of you, the idea of increasing your own comfort by decreasing another's is far from considerate and almost ensures an ensuing argument over seating privileges.


    In a rather bizarre twist of fate, the Knee Defender built a thriving consumer base off of a rather unfortunate airborne fiasco. Two passengers engaged in a dispute catalyzed by the controversial Knee Defender on a domestic United Airlines flight in August of this past summer. The pair of quarreling commuters refused to cooperate when one enlisted the use of the Knee Defender on the other's seat, barring them from reclining back to take a nap. The resulting squabble, which included one of the passengers throwing a cup of water into the other's face, forced the plane's pilots to make an emergency landing so the debating duo could be removed from the flight and the Knee Defender has since been banned by most major US airlines. The surprising fate of the Knee Defender following the incident? Inventor Ira Goldman reported that the increased media coverage and exposure resulted in a huge jump in sales and the dastardly seat locks have been selling more units than ever.


    Cooperation amongst travelers on any public transport vehicle is crucial and disagreements are inevitable when you are removed from the comfort and privacy of your own personal vehicle. It's important to consider the well-being of fellow travelers as well as your own and, while entrepreneurial and inventive, the Knee Defender misses the mark on establishing an environment conducive to contentment for all. Soarigami seems to promise a better solution for claiming your space in the skies but you'll still have to practice sound judgment whenever you cross over into another's personal space. Do yourself a favor and book with Auto Europe this holiday season; the savings and benefit of the guaranteed low rates you'll find on an array of travel transportation services like private chauffeurs, last-minute car rental deals and even large vans for rent all around the world will grant you peace of mind as you embark on future adventures in the sky, on the road, or otherwise!   


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