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    New Adobe Monument Mode App Erases Unwanted Tourists

    Want to make taking the perfect travel photos quick and easy? Adobe's new monument mode app is here to help! Learn more here
    Adobe Monument Mode Travel Photography


    Oct 23, 2015

    One of the most annoying things to deal with when it comes to taking pictures at popular tourist attractions is that there are so many other people out there with you, right? All of these people get in the way of that "perfect shot" that you are looking for. While there are a lot of companies that have been trying to find a solution to this for decades, Adobe stepped up to the plate and put together what they have dubbed "monument mode" for mobile device cameras and the results have been promising.



    The Revolutionary New Travel Photography Technology

    Here's a brief run-down of how the whole thing works. The monument mode algorithm senses what is standing still in the frame. If there is anything that is moving, even if it's just a tree that is blowing in the breeze, then these elements are subtracted from the frame in real time. So, when a user takes a picture, the phone will take note of the things that are not stationary, thus allowing you to get an almost perfect shot of whatever it is that you were looking to take a picture of without any visual obstructions. It's not the first attempt at such a program, but testing has proven promising and monument mode could be the best of its kind on the market currently.

    There are many people who absolutely love the idea. They're tired of trying to navigate all of the people with selfie sticks and other tourists making goofy poses, all while just trying to get a nice picture of whatever it is that they're there to see. Eliminating unwanted intruders from one's photos gives them a more special and intimate feeling that is greatly appreciated among travelers. The only caveat is that the mobile phone or camera device needs to be held completely still for several seconds while the app gathers information, necessitating the use of a tripod. But while it may not be perfect, Adobe's monument mode is a huge leap towards being able to take truly perfect travel photos quickly and easily.



    Photo Purists on the Prowl

    There are, however, a handful of photo purists who aren't exactly thrilled with the new technology. They feel like it takes away from the authenticity of a scene and creates an unrealistic representation of a place. Since monument mode would be an optional setting, it's difficult to see why it would upset anyone, but some people have been vocalizing their disapproval in an attempt to be heard over the masses that are excited about this unique and widely desired change.

    What do you think about Adobe's new "monument mode"? Would you use it yourself? Does it seem like something that would be useful for you and your particular needs when it comes to travel photography, or do you feel it will take away from the authentic representation of popular attractions?




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