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    Environmentally Friendly Companies Make Eco-Friendly Travel Easy

    These environmentally friendly companies are making saving the planet while on the go easy! How can you practice eco-friendly travel?
    Eco Friendly Travel Environmentally Friendly Companies


    Sep 21, 2015

    Taking care of the planet has become an increasingly popular incentive recently, and for good reason. This past August was the hottest in recorded history according to US government scientists and everything from deforestation to pollution have been viewed as culprits. It's important that we all do our part in reducing humanity's impact on the environment, whether that be through recycling, conserving resources, or supporting environmentally friendly companies. But how can one practice green principles while on the go?


    It is every avid traveler's responsibility to protect the beautiful world we so thoroughly enjoy in our excursions, and staying current with eco-friendly travel trends is a great way to do it. Now, thanks to the ingenuity of a few like-minded entrepreneurs, you can help save the environment while having a great time on your next trip abroad. Consider the difference you can make wherever you decide to go and help lead by example when you journey away from home. This positive attitude has proven successful for many companies in the travel industry, several of which are now offering products to help make eco-friendly travel easy.


    KleanKanteen Travel Canteens

    Water is essential to staying healthy and being in good physical condition is especially important while traveling. Buying bottled water may seem like a convenient way to stay hydrated while on the go but it's also expensive and potentially wasteful; plastic bottles make up a huge portion of man-made pollutants worldwide. An incredibly simple solution was founded when KleanKanteen started offering their high-quality aluminum and stainless steel reusable bottles in 2004 and a staunch focus on environmental sustainability has helped keep business booming to the current day.

    As if saving money and reducing waste weren't incentives enough, KleanKanteen bottles are also incredibly insulating and can keep your beverage of choice cool (or hot) for hours. The combination of environmental ethics and plain usefulness landed KleanKanteen on the map over 10 years ago and they've held true to their commitment to providing practical products you can feel good about. More information can be found on the official KleenKanteen website.

    SteriPEN Portable Water Purifier

    Once you have a reusable water bottle in tow, all you have to worry about is a source of drinkable water to fill it with. Following along the lines of reducing the excruciating amount of waste caused by disposable plastic water bottles, SteriPEN makes eco-friendly alternatives more viable than ever by granting you access to clean, safe, and healthy water wherever you can find a tap. The ingenious device utilizes ultraviolet technology to quickly and effectively neutralize all unsafe microbes that may be present in untreated water. That means you can get potable water anywhere with the SteriPEN, from sink faucets to rivers and streams.

    One of the main contributing factors to SteriPEN's success has been the devices' overall usability and convenience. Compact and lightweight, these purifiers are ideal travel companions; simply take one with you in your carry-on bag and you'll never have to worry about having access to clean water again, no matter where your journeys take you. Use in conjunction with a reusable water container and reducing disposable plastic bottle waste will become both easy and cost-efficient, too. More info can be found on the official SteriPEN website.        


    ChicoBag Lightweight Travel Packs

    The scourge of single-use plastic waste doesn't stop with water bottles, and plastic shopping bags are another huge contributor to pollution worldwide. Rather than opting for a new disposable shopping bag every time you visit the store, why not make things a little easier for yourself and for the environment with a versatile and reusable tote? The value of using reusable bags became apparent to one Andy Keller in 2004 when he noticed the overwhelming presence of discarded plastic bags everywhere from landfills to the ocean. The epiphany inspired him to seek out a solution and the basis for ChicoBag was founded.

    The company now offers an extensive line of high-quality reusable bags and hosts a number of initiatives to raise awareness about pollution and the impact of single-use plastic bags on our environment. Travelers will find any of ChicoBag's durable yet lightweight totes useful for hauling goods while on the go, but the ChicoBag Travel Pack rePETe is especially suitable for eco-friendly wanderers. Superior durability, incredible portability, and an attractive price point make this travel bag ideal for everything from trips to your local grocery store to excursions overseas. Genuinely useful products backed by altruistic intentions have helped make ChicoBag a go-to supplier for environmentally conscious travelers.     



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