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    WWII Treasure Train Sparks Gold Rush in Poland

    A rural area of Poland has hosted a modern day gold rush as droves of eager treasure-seekers search for a lost Nazi gold train.


    Sep 09, 2015

    The potential for fame and fortune can drive people to do incredible things, especially when word gets out that a cache of wealth is just waiting to be discovered. It can be fascinating to see what people will do in order to try and get access to treasures of all sorts. The California Gold Rush, deep sea expeditions, and various other adventures have all been catalyzed by the hypnotizing obsession that somewhere just around the next corner, a hidden jackpot awaits.


    Europe has recently hosted the modern day equivalent of a small-scale gold rush. In Poland, there have been rumors of a so-called "Nazi treasure train" which disappeared in the end of World War II, supposedly abandoned by German troops as they withdrew from the country. It is reported to be full of various treasures of all shapes and sizes, from gold to historical artifacts, and has been thoroughly sought after for decades.


    The Famed Nazi Treasure Train... Discovered?

    In recent weeks, a number of sources reported that it was finally discovered. Two men who claim to have found it decided to let the Polish government and other officials know, but refuse to give up its exact location. They, of course, want some of the money that will come from everything that they've found. The police have made sure to block the general area where the men claim to have found the train from those who may be trying to get in on the treasure action, and for good reason, as there have been swarms of people trying to do so.

    At this point there hasn't been a lot of visual proof to back up the men's statements. There are pictures of miners looking through the area in order to see what is there, but nobody has actually seen the train itself. The men who found the treasure claim that they would be glad to reveal the train's location, so long as they get to keep a share of what comes out of it.

    Profit seems to be the primary motive in the feverish rush to locate the gold train. People trying to uncover the treasure simply want to make sure that they get a share of the wealth. The alleged discovery has sparked incredible excitement as many are convinced that they may be able to find other treasures that have been lost in the woods of Poland during the Nazi retreat at the end of World War II. Despite a lack of actual proof or physical discoveries so far, the vigorous search for the Nazi gold train has been a sensational story for an otherwise quiet corner of the world.

    Do you think the men who claimed to have found the treasure should have said anything about it to the media and government, or do you feel like it may have been a better idea for them to go about the process in a different way? Are the rumors about such a treasure plausible? If you had the opportunity, would you go treasure hunting in these areas as well?


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