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    Mercedes Benz Bids the SLS Farewell with the Final Edition

    AMG, as a last hurrah, has released 350 more specially designed SLS's for the world to cherish, affectionately entitled "the Final Edition"
    Final Edition Mercedes Benz SLS


    Jun 25, 2014

    AMG, the performance division of Mercedes Benz, announced earlier this year that they have discontinued the famed Sport Leicht Super, colloquially known as the SLS AMG. Made famous by its monstrous 6.2 Liter V8, the SLS AMG was more than just a bestial force of engineering prowess; it was a work of art - a pure symbiosis of elegant aesthetics and the raw power that made it famous. Originally penned by Brit designer Mark Fetherston, the SLS stylings drew inspiration from modern aircraft where the fuselage is deeply set into the body. This necessitated gorgeous gullwing doors that open vertically, allowing the vehicle's driver to step into the cockpit like the pilot of a fighter jet. The car's body isn't the only component inspired by aircraft - the engine alone is enough reason to mourn its discontinuation as it provided experienced drivers with a brilliant contrast of grace and brutality. The front-mounted 6.2 Liter V8 could transition from tame rumble to afterburner roar with only the slightest touch.

    Originally produced to be the successor to the Mercedes Benz 300SL Gullwing of the 50's and 60's, and following in the footsteps of the famed SLR McLaren, the SLS AMG went above and beyond any of its predecessors, enjoying a glorious 4-year run where 15 variations were released to much fanfare. Even its most basic variation was incredible, capable of reaching nearly 200mph, and hitting 0-60 in under 4 seconds. But those impressive numbers were only the beginning. Last year, Mercedes Benz AMG released a fully electric version of the SLS that not only kept pace with its petrol brethren, this iteration was significantly faster and more torque-y.  The decision to move away from this design was the product of an ever changing and volatile marketplace - AMG has decided that in order to compete with brand rival Porsche, they will be releasing a smaller, more affordable, twin turbocharged creation comparable to a 911.

    But let us not mourn the death of such an iconic vehicle. Instead, lets celebrate the life of the last SLS to go to production. AMG, as a last hurrah, has released 350 more specially designed SLS's for the world to cherish, affectionately entitled "the Final Edition." Although incredibly similar to the GT version released years earlier, the Final Edition comes with some hefty improvements. The Final Edition's 6.2 Liter V8 has been refined, boasting some impressive stats - 583bhp, and 480lb of torque, all powered to the rear wheels. Carbon fiber bonnet, rear wing, and splitter make an appearance in this design as well, along with some other optional equipment intended to reduce weight for an improved handling experience. Stats aside, this final SLS rendition is representative of more than just another engineering benchmark. The Final Edition SLS is the embodiment of duality: its unmatched brash intensity packaged within luxurious buttery leather. There is a sort of femme fatale romanticism in the SLS - its beautiful curves and seductive lines rising in an impassioned crescendo, creating the sort of timeless body that turns heads and transforms even the most stoic of car lovers into a drooling, ravenous mess. This car's graceful stylings belie the savage fury and deadly power the car yearns to unleash. These incredibly focused, yet humble, supercars will be missed dearly, and with only 350 more available (at a price tag of nearly $300,000) the chances of owning this elusive vehicle are next to none.

    One comforting prospect - there is still time to experience the SLS before it disappears into the pages of history books. Auto Europe offers the Mercedes Benz AMG SLS at a variety of luxury car pick-up locations throughout Europe and the United States.



    Image Courtesy of: betto rodrigues /

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