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Nor'Easter Thwarts Holiday Travelers

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Dec 27, 2012

It was a white Christmas for a large swath of the US, which was blanketed in snow and ice over the holiday. A second wave of winter weather is presently sweeping up the east coast, crippling many travelers' plans to return home.


Almost 400 flights have been canceled already today, adding to the grand total of over almost 2,500 canceled flights since Christmas Day. The storm that grounded almost 2,000 flights on Thursday the 20th further adds to the headache that airports across the country are experiencing.


The three New York City airports and Philadelphia are experiencing the worst of the weather, and with their extensive air traffic, they are the hub of the problem with hundreds of national and international delays and cancellations. Visibility, strong gusts of wind and icing of the planes are all factors hindering takeoffs this morning.


The mix of snow, sleet and rain is anticipated to continue into the afternoon. The ripple effect is causing runway congestion and delays in other major air hubs across the country, including Dallas/Fort Worth, Boston, Charlotte, Buffalo, Burlington and Hartford, which all have experienced 20-30 delays already today.


The average delay right now, outside of the New York City region where flights are being canceled, is 90 minutes. Plan ahead and rent a car in New York instead if you have somewhere to be. Follow our winter driving tips for safe travels!

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