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    Self-Driven Rental Cars, Better Than the Flying Cars Weve Been Waiting For

    Self-driven rental vehicles have the potential to be a boon to both traveler's and rental car companies, so let's take a look at the possibilities Auto Europe is most excited about:
    Self-Driven Rental Cars, Better Than the Flying Cars We've Been Waiting For


    Oct 09, 2014

    As state after state and country after country continue to approve autonomous cars on its roads, the inevitability that we'll soon be cruising alongside robot chauffeurs is an intriguing thought, and elicits thoughts of science fiction universes where we can eat, work, sleep, and even bathe in our spacecraft (cars) while on the way to work. Even more intriguing are the possibilities having a self-driven rental car brings while on vacation, whether your planning a cross-country road trip or simply need a ride from your hotel to a restaurant or other attraction. Self-driven rental vehicles have the potential to be a boon to both traveler's and rental car companies, so let's take a look at the possibilities Auto Europe is most excited about:


    No More Parking

    If your husband or partner isn't quite the gentleman he should be, and circles around the restaurant time and time again searching for that elusive parking spot, leaving you grumpy and hungry knowing you're probably going to spend more time sitting in the car than it would to have just walked from a slightly farther spot, then have no fear! With a self-driven vehicle, you're treated like a lady every time -- imagine being dropped off at the door, and being greeted by your car as you emerge from the restaurant. Swell, right? Self-driven cars will be able to drop you off wherever you may be going before puttering off to find free-parking elsewhere, like a robotic private chauffeur.


    Rental Costs Will Go Down

    The physical act of driving is without a doubt one of the greatest pleasures of renting a car in a foreign country or place, but there will be a serious financial advantage to renting an autonomously driven car as opposed to a normal one. It's believed that over 95 percent of all traffic accidents and collisions are a result of human error, and autonomous cars will hopefully eliminate accidents caused by human error. The computer in the car sends and receives hundreds of messages per second to and from other vehicles in the area, saying things along the lines of "you're going 45 miles per hour and I'm going 55, if you don't speed up we'll collide at the next intersection", so the vehicles are in never-ending conversation with each other until they're no longer at risk of making any sort of contact. The fact that humans won?t be driving apparently means accidents and collisions should decrease by 95%, potentially eliminating the need for any car rental insurance because, if the vehicle is responsible for driving, how can you be held responsible financially?


    Driving (and being around cars) Will Be Safer

    We mentioned above that human error is responsible for about 95% of traffic accidents, so you can feel comfortable politely asking the backseat driver to respectfully "shut up" as you smoothly and safely navigate past bikers and pedestrians your self-driven car rental. Because autonomous vehicles are the safest, most courteous drivers on the road, cyclists and pedestrians will benefit from increased safety and greater efficiency, as they no longer have to tangle with commuters as they scramble to make it to the office on time.


    Self-Driving Cars Will Change City Centers

    With no parking garages or lots and incrasing safety for pedestrians, bikers, and drivers alike, urban landscape are sure to evolve. The London Congestion Charge Zone is, according to self-driven car advocates, the perfect area to implement an autonomous only zone, where your robotic chauffeur safely and efficiently navigates you through arguably the most congested city center in Europe. Autonomous cars provide efficiency, financial and environmental benefits, as well as safety, so the possibilties to improve the landscape of the city's streets and promote community living are truly endless.

    The proliferation of cars to the American public forever changed the way Americans view the spaces they live, work, play, and drive in, for the better. The self-driving car revolution is sure to once again improve the quality of life for all, but unlike the proliferation of the human-driven car, it will improve city centers and safety on the roads for all.

    Photo courtesy of: Dong liu /

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