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Driverless Carriage - Google Self-driving Cars


Oct 09, 2012

The super high-tech future of the automobile is here! Google has engineered vehicles that drive themselves.


There have only been two reported accidents in 300,000 miles of test driving. It should be noted that neither of the incidents were the result of a computer operated car error. One instance occurred when a Google vehicle was rear-ended at a red light, and the other fender-bender took place while being driven manually by a human.


A few quirks still need to be worked out, such as having the ability to reverse and programming the cars to maneuver in snow. Temporary road signs also pose a challenge for Google's self-driving cars.


The accomplishment of creating a Google chauffeured vehicle far outweighs the dilemmas, though. Video cameras, radar sensors and optical remote sensing technology allow the cars to detect things the human eye could easily miss. Just imagine- no blind spots. These vehicles don't operate drunk, won't text, won't fall asleep or apply make-up behind the wheel.


Presently, a self-driving car costs about $150,000 to build, but the expenses will decrease as more affordable electronic components are devised. So far Nevada and California have jumped on board with Google in giving driverless vehicles permission to navigate their streets.


It will certainly be interesting to watch the evolution of the automobile unfold as states examine never-before-experienced legality concerns, which are sure to pop up with the emergence of this state-of-the-art transportation. While we wait for the future to arrive, be sure to rent a car in Las Vegas or Los Angeles for your upcoming trips to Nevada and California; Auto Europe guarantees the best rates and service in the industry.

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