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Trip planners trust friends' opinions over travel guides

Trip planners trust friends' opinions over travel guides


Apr 16, 2012
The use of social networking sites to create trip itineraries has recently grown with the emergence of Twigmore, Triptrotting and Trippy, according to Mercury News. These services help travelers scan their social networks for people who have moved or recently ventured to a new city, or organize images of the interesting places they have visited on one central webpage. People who plan to book a car rental in London or another unfamiliar city want to hear which places and activities are must-sees and must-dos from their friends more than professionals.

"I travel all the time, but I rarely have time to research and explore the cities I visit," Randi Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg's big sister, told the news outlet. "I can get insights from my Facebook friends on where to eat and what to see before I hit the ground," she added about using Trippy.

One of the main reasons people enjoy these features is because of the trust that is already established between friends and colleagues. By following the advice of a close friend who shares similar tastes, a traveler can feel confident that they will experience a fulfilling vacation packed with fun activities. On the next trip to Europe, travelers can book a car rental in the UK and know exactly which destination to drive to with the help of their culturally savvy Facebook friends.
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