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How to avoid getting lost while driving in Italy

How to avoid getting lost while driving in Italy


Dec 22, 2011
For those who have an unquenchable thirst for adventure, getting lost has the potential to lead to new experiences and can even make for a great story when drivers finally get their bearings. However, getting lost is a little less fun when travelers are driving a car rental in Italy, where the roads are foreign and not everybody speaks English.

Fortunately, there are ways to avoid getting lost on Italian roadways. Even if drivers miss their turn or take a wrong exit, following these tips should help them get back on track and safely arrive at their intended destination.

To avoid getting lost, travelers should take a little extra time preparing before they set out on their trip. This includes making sure they have all the right supplies. While no one likes to think about anything bad happening once they are on the road, it never hurts to take proper precautions.

Drivers should make sure their smartphone is fully charged before heading out on foreign roads. If they have a car charger, they can certainly bring it along as well. The same rule applies to a GPS, which is one of the best gadgets to have in a car rental in Rome.

Visitors to Italy should also make sure to pack some food and water in their car rental. They do not have to go overboard and prepare a full dinner, but in the event that they get lost on the open road, snacks and water can go a long way in boosting morale - especially if they're traveling with kids.

Should drivers get lost while using their GPS, they should pull over and check the device. Was the right address entered? Is it working properly? Do the roads look different on the GPS’ digital map? If travelers feel they can no longer depend on this gadget, they can always turn to a good old fashioned paper map, or give technology another go and log onto the internet using their smartphone.

Lost drivers should try to reach the nearest gas station, store or restaurant, although, this may be easier in some areas than others. The people at any of these locations may not speak English, but trying to communicate is better than driving aimlessly for the next few hours. When drivers stop for help, they may find they are not far from their intended destination.
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