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National Gallery in Slovenia Reopens After 4-Year Renovation

National Gallery in Slovenia Reopens After 4-Year Renovation

Feb 12, 2016
Since 1925, the museum has been housed in an Austro-Hungarian period mansion - the Narodni Dom Palace - which dates to 1896. Originally, the space was designed to accommodate all of Slovenia's associations in one central place. In 2012 the National Gallery began its extensive renovations, meant to update the space and help improve the visitor viewing experience, and in fact, was even home to a gymnastics club when the renovations started.
New Study Shows the Health Benefits of Holiday Travel

New Study Shows the Health Benefits of Holiday Travel

Feb 10, 2016
There are plenty of ways that vacations can help improve mental health, but perhaps most importantly, they help the body and mind relax and recharge. Stressful jobs and busy home lives keep bodies working at maximum capacity, so a change of environment can help the body regroup and return to action with renewed vigor.
Autobahn GPS Software Scenic Drive Route Planning

Researchers Invent Scenic Route Software for GPS

Feb 08, 2016
Using cutting-edge technology, "Autobahn" allows users to choose from different parameters to help locate the ideal scenic route. Like traditional GPS, users input starting and ending locations. To determine how to get between them, users can set a maximum amount of time spent traveling as well as scenery preferences.
Green Economy Laws Italy

Italy Introduces Laws to Aid Beautification

Jan 26, 2016
Green Economy laws in Italy have instated harsh fines for small charges like littering. What do travelers need to know about these new regulations?
Le Doggy Bag France

Restaurants in France Oppose New Doggy Bag Rule

Jan 15, 2016
A new rule in France aimed at reducing food waste has trendy restaurant owners upset. Does "Le doggy bag" just need some time to set in?
Heathrow Airport Expansion

The Uncertain Future of Heathrow's Third Runway

Dec 22, 2015
With environmental and quality-of-life concerns looming, there is an uncertain future for the proposed third runway at London Heathrow Airport...
Berlin Museum T-Rex Skeleton

Berlin Hosts First Complete T-Rex Skeleton in Europe

Jan 06, 2016
The first complete T-Rex skeleton in Europe made its exhibition debut in Berlin, adding to the already impressive line up of things to see and do in the city.

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