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    Discover Car Rental Insurance

     Discover Card Rental Car Insurance

    Does Discover Card Cover Rental Car Insurance?

    Nobody wants to pay more for a rental than they have to, especially when add-ons like insurances may already be available through your Discover card car rental insurance policy! You can potentially save big without sacrificing coverage by taking advantage of benefits provided through Discover. The only question is; does your Discover card cover rental car insurance? Use the information below to get an idea of whether or not you qualify so you can get the best rate possible on your next rental.  


    Discover Card Rental Car Insurance
    Card Type
    CDW in Europe?
    Coverage Limit
    Coverage Excludes
    Primary Coverage?
    Countries Excluded
    it (standard)
    it Chrome
    it MilesYes31
    (45 if card is for a business)
    Off-road vehicles, pickup trucks, mini-buses, antique/exotic vehicles and any coverage > $25,000NoWhere prohibited by law
    (45 if card is for a business)
    Off-road vehicles, pickup trucks, mini-buses, antique/exotic vehicles and any coverage > $25,000NoWhere prohibited by law
    (45 if card is for a business)
    Off-road vehicles, pickup trucks, mini-buses, antique/exotic vehicles and any coverage > $25,000NoWhere prohibited by law
    Open Road
    (45 if card is for a business)
    Off-road vehicles, pickup trucks, mini-buses, antique/exotic vehicles and any coverage > $25,000No
    Where prohibited by law
    Off-road vehicles, pickup trucks, mini-buses, antique/exotic vehicles and any coverage > $50,000Yes
    Italy, Ireland, Northern Ireland


    IMPORTANT: Terms vary by issuing bank and there are some restrictions that may apply depending on the specifics of your rental that could violate the policy under your Discover car rental insurance coverage. See the tips below to get a better idea of whether or not you'll qualify for coverage and always call your card provider directly for the most accurate information. 


    - What type of car rental coverage does Discover offer?

    Discover Car Rental InsuranceThe protections offered by Discover rental car insurance will cover damage/loss caused by collision or theft of the vehicle you are renting (CDW). This is not "all-inclusive" insurance and so personal injury and property loss coverage are not included. Loss of use fees and towing charges are also excluded for all Discover cards except the Escape card, which will cover for these expenses so long as a receipt and fleet utilization log from the rental company is provided.


    ...See our page on car rental insurance types


    - Is Discover rental car insurance primary or secondary?

    The only Discover card that offers primary rental car insurance is the Escape card; all other Discover cards provide secondary auto rental insurance only. Secondary insurance means that any accidents will have to be reported to your personally-owned vehicle's insurance company at home, thereby affecting your premium, while primary car rental insurance would not affect your domestic car insurance rates at all.


    - What do I need to do to use Discover card car rental insurance the next time I rent?

    Discover Rental Car InsuranceIn order to put your Discover card car rental insurance to use, you are required to decline any other CDW coverages offered for your rental, pay for your rental in full with your valid Discover credit card, and rent the car under the same name printed on said card. Your car rental insurance with Discover will cover additional drivers, but only so long as they are officially authorized with the car rental company at the desk when you pick up your vehicle.


    Always have Discover provide you with official documentation to bring with you when you pick up your rental stating that you are properly covered and can decline the rental company's own CDW coverage.


    - When and how do I submit a claim if an accident or theft occurs?

    You must report to Discover as soon as possible immediately following an accident and all required documentation must be submitted within 90 days following the incident.

    If you opt to  decline CDW coverage offered by the rental company and use your credit card insurance instead, you will be responsible for collecting and sending in the required paperwork for submitting a claim to Discover in the event of an accident or theft. The required documents will include:

    • Copy of your account statement showing the full amount paid for the rental
    • Copy of your rental agreement/contract
    • Police/accident report
    • Copy of initial claim or report sent to the rental company
    • A notarized statement confirming that no other insurances are applicable
    • Copy of paid claim from the rental company
    • Any other documents requested by Discover

    Failure to follow the guidelines in your Discover card contract will void your coverage and you may no longer be eligible to receive the insurance, so be sure to read over all official terms and conditions carefully.


    - Will I have to pay any extra fees for my Discover car rental insurance?

    Your Discover car rental insurance will cover for collision damage waiver (CDW), but you will have to pay any additional fees charged by the rental company, including towing charges, administration fees, and any loss of use fees. The Discover Escape card includes some of these additional fees in its coverage, but only when sufficient documentation is provided. Rental car coverage is provided to holders of applicable Discover credit cards for no additional fees (aside from yearly fees associated with membership for certain cards) so long as your rental qualifies according to your specific card's policy.

    In the event of an accident you will be responsible to pay for any deductibles or charges from the rental company up-front when opting for Discover rental insurance, to be later re-imbursed by your credit card pending your adherence to their requirements for coverage. 


    Discover Rental Car Coverage


    You can save a good deal of money on your overall rate by excluding CDW and using Discover card rental car insurance instead, but deductibles and qualifications can vary greatly among insurances provided by credit cards and you will have to check with your specific provider to be sure you aren't excluded from coverage. The most convenient and least confusing way to ensure peace-of-mind is to leave the hard work up to the experts; book your car with zero deductible rental car insurance and you can travel with confidence knowing that your rental car is fully covered without any frills or exceptions. 



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    All general policy data was collected from respective processor's website as of February 2017. Please call your provider directly for the most accurate and up-to-date information. Discover® is a registered trademark and is not a sponsor of or affiliated with

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