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Fully refundable excess (deductible)

Auto Europe Refundable Excess (Deductible) Program

If you have purchased one of our "Refundable Excess / Deductible" products, you will be reimbursed for any deductible paid to the supplier for accidental damage. You should decline the supplier's additional excess / deductible reduction insurance upon check out.


  • When damage is caused to windows, tires, interior, underside, or roof of vehicle.
  • When any rental vehicle has been driven off-road, on unpaved roads, in unauthorized Countries or areas.
  • When the driver is not named and authorized on the rental agreement
  • When the driver is under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • When any fraudulent, dishonest, or criminal act has been committed by the driver and/or passengers.
  • When the damage is caused by the driver not taking due care, attention, is reckless or negligent. (This includes - but is not limited to - adding wrong fuel, not following the rules of the road, damages incurred while parking or in a parking facility, burned clutch, using the hand brake incorrectly, etc.)

Accident Procedure:
In the event of an accident or upon discovering new damage to the rental vehicle, it is important that the details are reported to the supplier within 24 hours.

An accident report form must be completed, by the end of the rental period, with the supplier.

Local police should be notified in the case of accidents and a signed police report obtained.

All third party details should be collected - the supplier informed - and details forwarded to Auto Europe.

The rental car supplier must authorize any repair or replacement of the vehicle prior to said repair/replacement

Retain copies of all of the rental documentation

Should these procedures not be followed - your claim may be invalidated

Procedure for Reclaiming Excess / Deductible:
In order to start the process of claiming back your excess charges please contact Auto Europe customer service - and reference your Auto Europe voucher number.

You will receive a refundable excess request form which you must fill out and return within 90 days of returning the vehicle. Please provide as much detail as possible.

We will require your rental documentation - signed rental agreement, final invoice, check out/check in form, accident/damage report, repair estimate/repair bill, police report, credit card statement showing the supplier charges, and any photographs and names and details of involved parties.

If you are missing any documentation, Auto Europe will request this of the supplier. Please note, the more information and documentation with which we are provided, the quicker we can process. When we must request more information or missing documents from the suppliers, they have a minimum of 3 weeks to respond to our requests.

As soon as a determination has been made - Auto Europe will contact you per email so that you have everything in writing for reference.