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With over 60 years of experience as European travel experts, arranging affordable, hassle-free transportation is what we do best! We have the expertise to help you find the best available deal and work with trusted names to give you the ability to compare prices and choose the perfect car from the largest fleets in Europe and around the world.

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Peugeot Open Europe

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Please Note: These rates are applicable only for citizens or residents of the United States. If you are a citizen or resident of Canada, please visit our Canadian web site. If you are not a citizen or resident of the United States or Canada, please contact us for more assistance.

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Peugeot Open Europe Leasing

Peugeot Open Europe: Buyback Car Leasing

The Advantages of Leasing a Car with Peugeot Open Europe

Auto Europe has partnered with Peugeot in Europe to bring you the best available prices and unparalleled savings on an exciting option for car rentals in Europe of 3 weeks or more. While we are proud to offer great deals on traditional long-term car rentals, travelers whose itinerary meets certain conditions should consider a short-term car lease through the Peugeot Open Europe program.

Peugeot offers travelers the unique opportunity to lease a car in Europe for a low daily rate. Choose from a variety of factory-new models to find the perfect vehicle to accommodate you during your trip and if you're a young driver or are picking up in a major European city you could save big on transportation costs when you lease a buyback car from Peugeot.

Why You Should Consider Leasing a Peugeot in Europe

CheckmarkCall Auto Europe Toll-Free at 1-888-223-555 PEACE OF MIND - Drive a safe, factory-new vehicle while enjoying the peace of mind that comes with 24/7 roadside assistance and included zero-deductible, fully comprehensive insurance coverage.

Checkmark GREAT VALUE - Forget about hidden fees! Lease rates are guaranteed in US Dollars & include unlimited mileage. Your Peugeot Open Europe lease is exempt from European value-added taxes and airport charges.

Checkmark OPTIONS FOR ALL AGES - No young driver surcharge (min. age 18) and there is no maximum driver age. This is different than standard car rentals throughout most of Europe where there are age restrictions.

Additionally European Union citizens living outside the E.U. can take advantage of the Peugeot Buy Back program and enjoy the benefits of leasing a Peugeot during their time in Europe.

We strongly recommend that you read through the Peugeot Assistance (Emergency) Guide and the Peugeot Practical Guide prior to your departure so you are familiar with their contents. You should note that if you pick-up or return your car outside of France, an additional fee will apply (you will be advised of all fees before making a reservation).

How to Arrange Your Peugeot Open Europe Buy Back Car Lease

You can find your Peugeot using our booking engine below! If you have a question or would like more information about our Peugeot vehicle options we encourage you to call us, click on the "Live Chat" link at the top of this page or to read some of our online content:

Remember that if you have any questions you can call us toll-free at 1-888-223-5555 to speak with a specialist. You can also get a free online quote and request more information about the car you're interested in by doing a search below.

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Enter your travel details below to see how affordable leasing a Peugeot in Europe can be! If you're interested in learning how a Peugeot lease differs from a traditional long-term car rental click here.

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