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Top Ten Cities To See In 2010, Part One

Some of our Favorite Cities to Visit in Europe

I’ve written about travel to Denmark before, and I stand by my suggestion, that it’s the country to visit in 2010.  The summer months bring about plenty of light to enjoy all kinds of activities. Free bikes are available for people to ride around on, and two separate areas of the once polluted waterway are set to open to the public for swimming this year! Copenhagen is a city that has truly made a serious effort to get green, and it is without a doubt paying off. It would be safe to say that Copenhagen may just be Europe’s most up and coming city!

The city of Leipzig has much to celebrate this year. The birthplace of composers Johann Sebastian Bach and Robert Schumann, the Bach Museum should be one of the most interesting places to visit this year. Of course, there will be concerts a plenty, as 2010 marks the 325th anniversary of the birth of Bach. That’s not all the culture you will find this year either. New exhibits at the Museum of Fine Arts are sure to be a hit this year as well. Younger travelers will also find many reasons to love Leipzig in 2010, as the city has a vibrant nightlife which includes an active live music scene.

There are many reasons to travel to Oslo this year, including some of the world’s best restaurants and a sparkling new state-of-the-art opera house. Of course, Norwegian cross country skiing is famous the world over, and the landscapes of the countryside just hours outside the city will leave you speechless, but not breathless; the air is some of the most pure in all of Europe. With custom hotels designed specifically for niche markets (farms, mountains and lighthouses etc.), you will enjoy every minute of your stay in Oslo this year.

A city that is filling quickly with innovation, Istanbul has made bold steps towards becoming a more tourist friendly, safe travel destination. In addition to being home to some of the world’s finest museums, Istanbul has been named one of the 2010 European Capitals of Culture (an award now given to three cities annually). Modern restaurants can be found that are the cutting edge of culinary discovery, ancient buildings still stand to marvel in, and friendly faces can be found all over the city.  It’s as if the city has awakened and realized just how beautiful it really is. Don’t miss Istanbul in 2010.

Cape Town
The country hosting the World Cup always gets a makeover before the games begin, however Cape Town, as well as most of South Africa has used the games an excuse to really make serious improvements to local infrastructure. New hotels have seemed to opened up everywhere, and the dining and night life in Cape Town has made a definite improvement.  For those of you looking for wildlife, there are plenty of safari tours available once you get outside the city. Of course if you’re lucky enough to have tickets to any of the matches, South Africa is already a top destination to see in 2010!

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