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The World’s Most Liveable Cities

Each year the company Mercer ranks the quality of life of over 200 cities around the world. Factors used to determine the rankings are based on many things. Necessities like infrastructure, law enforcement, health care, and schools systems are looked at closely, as are recreational activities, which include access to theaters, sports activities, parks, and shops. are also ranked. Even local climate is ranked. This is a lot of criteria, so the mean city of the report is New York.

This year, European cities dominate the list, taking 8 of the top 10 places. Vienna, Austria took the number one rank from Zurich, which held the position last year. The highest ranked American city was Honolulu, at number 29. Canadian cities did better placing three in the top 20. The lowest ranking city on the list was Baghdad. If you want to learn a little more about how these cities were ranked, check out the Mercer website.

Here’s the list of the 20 Most Liveable Cities in the World:

20. Stockholm, Sweden
19. Luxembourg, Luxembourg
18. Melbourne, Australia
16. Berlin, Germany
16. Ottawa, Canada
15. Toronto, Canada
14. Brussels, Belgium
13. Amsterdam, The Netherlands
12. Wellington, New Zealand
11. Copenhagen, Denmark
10. Sydney, Australia
9. Bern, Switzerland
8. Frankfurt, Germany
7. Munich, Germany
6. Düsseldorf, Germany
4. Auckland, New Zealand
4. Vancouver, Canada
3. Geneva, Switzerland
2. Zürich, Switzerland
1. Vienna, Austria

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One Response to The World’s Most Liveable Cities

  1. Ryan says:

    Why are there no American cities on this list? This seems a bit biased.

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