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Ten Terrific Travel Apps

There are some travel apps that once you get used to, you can’t remember what it was like not having them around. Here is a list of the top ten apps that you may find extremely helpful when traveling.

Top 10 Apps for Travel

    1. Google Translate
      Best-Travel-Apps-GoogThis handy app gives you a lot of value. Want to make sure your cabbie takes you to the correct side of town, or make sure you are purchasing the correct item at a drugstore? Google Translate does can take what you say and translate it into 58 languages. It can even speak the words for you. A must have if you are not fluent in the native tongue.


    1. Free Wi-Fi Finder
      Top Ten Travel Apps Wi-FiIf you’re looking for Wi-Fi and don’t want to have to log into some random hotel’s $10 a day connection or slide into an internet cafe, you should probably get this app. It will use your location to tell you the closest connection, however if you don’t have a connection how are you supposed to use the app?! This app is the most helpful if you have a limited data plan or you are getting charged per MB used. Just log in for a second, find the free internet, ???, profit!


    1. Foodspotting/Urbanspoon/Yelp/HappyCow
      Awesome-Travel-Apps-USInstead of giving all these food review sites their own place, they are all together, and they pretty much all have the same function. Showing you where good restaurants are with a ratings system and reviews. Happy Cow is focused on vegetarian/vegan places if that’s your thing. If not, either of the aforementioned three will suffice.


    1. SitOrSquat
      Top-10-travel-apps-SOSThis is a brilliant free app that not only tells you where you can find the nearest public bathroom. Users rate and review different elements of each location, so (hopefully) you can hold out for that five-star experience.


    1. Line2
      great-travel-apps-line2For free phone calls, this app is great. It gives you a number from whatever state you choose, and then you get a week’s free use of that number. Perfect for when you’re looking to keep your phone bill down, but have a steady internet connection.


    1. AroundMe
      travel-apps-AMYou’re standing in the middle of a city with 2 free hours before your next event. What should you do? Around Me lets you choose attractions based on your interests. Want some museums? Bam, there they are.


    1. WeatherBug
      Best-Travel-Apps-WBThis is a great comprehensive weather app. Not much else to say about it really. It tells you the weather for free. Like all weather predictions, accuracy may vary.


    1. World Clock-Time Zones
      Travel-Apps-World-ClockDo whatever you need to to avoid being on this side of the conversation: “Hi, you’ll never believe where I am?! The Eiffel Tower! I totally thought of you, and I knew I had to tell you about it… What? it’s 4am? No it isn’t, silly it’s only 10… ohh right, sorry!”


    1. EasyPark
      Great-Travel-Apps-ParkingFinding a place to park your car isn’t always the easiest thing in the world, but with Easy Park, you can browse various locations before you leave. Park your car, and then when it’s time to leave, Easy Park will tell you where you left it.


  1. XE Currency
    travel-appsNeed a currency converter? XE is easy to use, and converts pretty much all the world’s major currencies with real time accuracy. A simple and free way to make sure you’re not getting ripped off when you cash in your Dollars for Euros or Pounds.

Bonus:Angry Birds


    At some point in nearly every vacation, you will be waiting for something, and there’s no better way to kill some time than with Angry Birds. It’s the most downloaded game for mobile devices of all time, with good reason. In fact, you probably already have it! It’s fun, simple, and the light version is free. Upgrade for .99 before you leave and let those birdies fly!

Auto Europe Travel App

Auto Europe iPhone appOf course I have to mention the Auto Europe Travel App which is packed with all kinds of valuable information and streamlines the car booking process. It contains toll free numbers from Europe, an FAQ section and more. Let us know if we forgot your favorite travel app in the comments section below!

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