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Europe’s 11 Merriest Christmas Market Webcams

Christmas Market

Christmas markets have been drawing holiday crowds in Europe since medieval times. The very first were located in Germany, Austria and eastern France. Today these festive, open-air markets can be found all around the world. Take a peek at the following live webcam links to see how some of Europe’s historic city centers have transformed into holiday shopping winter wonderlands this season.

Click on the picture to open the links to the live Christmas Market webcam feeds, and click on the city/country to open the official Christmas Market page for the destination.

Christmas Market Webcams in Europe

Berlin, Germany

Kurfürstendamm is one of Berlin’s most recognized avenues and is comparable to Paris’ Champs-Élysées.


Amberg, Germany

The Marktplatz (Marketplace) in Amberg.


Hamburg, Germany

Rathausmarkt (City Hall Marketplace) is in the center of Hamburg.


Freiburg, Germany

This camera lets you pan Freiburg’s historic city center.

(You will need Google Translate to read this page in English.)


Vienna, Austria

Watch this webcam pan 360 degrees in downtown Vienna for the Vienna Christmas Markets.


Mulhouse, France

Place de la Réunion is Mulhouse’s historic center.


Basel, Switzerland

Barfüsserplatz is located in Basel’s Old Town.


Bruges, Belgium

Markt (Market Square) in Bruges.


Glasgow, Scotland

George Square in downtown Glasgow.


Olomouc, Czech Republic

Upper Square in the Czech Republic’s largest city.


For the ultimate holiday shopping experience, why not rent a car in Germany and tour some of the above mentioned Christmas Markets?


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3 Responses to Europe’s 11 Merriest Christmas Market Webcams

  1. Maria says:

    Great way to get out and see festivities around the world when you can’t get there in person.

  2. Cindy says:

    Thank you Maria! It is fun to see these historic city centers all decked out for the holiday season.

  3. Have been to the Christmas Market in Belgium & it was an amazing experience! You really get to know a lot about the place, the local people & their traditions when you visit these markets.

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