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11 Great Gifts for Travelers in 2011

With the holidays here, we thought you might like this list of our top ten gifts for people who travel. They range from $5 to $200, so there should be something for everyone! You may even to find these products cheaper, but most everything on this list came from the site that’s named after a large river.

Top 11 Gifts for Travelers

Mophie Juice Pack Air Case and Rechargeable Battery ($65)
For your friends and family with iPhones who travel, the Mophie Juice Pack Air Case is a brilliant gift. It extends the battery life of your phone, by actually containing a battery in the case. Read the reviews, this case means business and delivers.

Joby Gorillapod Flexible Tripod ($15)

Help your friends take better travel photos with the versatile Gorillapod. The legs are similar to pipe cleaners, and wrap around nearly anything to take a steadier photo.

Amazon Kindle Fire ($200)

The Kindle Fire is getting rave reviews as a tablet and as a book reader. It can stream video, audio, and more. It’s slightly smaller than the iPad, but it’s also $300 cheaper!

Washburn Steel String Travel Acoustic Guitar ($100)
For many years, the Martin Backpacker has been the go-to guitar for musicians traveling lightly. This year, Washburn has something to say about that. While it probably won’t sound better than the Martin, it is pretty close. This style of travel guitar is not designed to sound perfectly, but rather for portability. Coming in at only $100, this portable Washburn is the perfect gift for your favorite traveling musician.

Bionic Driving Gloves ($40)
For the people in your life who LOVE driving. Whether it’s a rental car in the UK, or their Honda Accord at home, gloves will turn nearly any driving experience into the thrill of a lifetime! Well, maybe not really, but they are quite nice once you try them out.

Universal Power Adapter ($5)
Ever travel somewhere and forget your international adapter? It’s not like you can’t get one at pretty much every local store, but having it with you will save you the headache.

WineSkin ($7)
Not for drinking out of, but rather for transporting wine home with you! Best part about the WineSkin- it’s waterproof! This means that even if the bottle were to break inside your luggage, it wouldn’t have to ruin everything!

Planet Earth Box Set ($40/$50/$70)
If this BBC show doesn’t inspire you to travel, nothing will. Get this incredible series on DVD for only $40, the Blu-Ray for $50, and the deluxe Blu-Ray set, with limited edition collectors globe for $70.

Grado SR80i ($100)
Anyone who has to travel a lot is probably familiar with the concept of “ear fatigue” that one can get from using earbuds for more than a couple of hours. These Grado headphones are of a superior sound quality than most ear buds you will find, and will impress everyone from audiophiles listening to FLAC files, to teens downloading from the iTunes store. The high quality headphones come from Brooklyn, NY, and are known in the industry as being one of, if not the best brands on the market today.

Canon PowerShot 300 HS ($180)
This camera is a simple 12 megapixel point and shoot that is capable of capturing 1080p HD video footage. Great for young travelers who want the bulk of a more advanced camera, as well as seniors who may not be inclined to learn about loads of features. The auto settings on this camera makes it pretty hard to take a “bad” photo.

JBL On Stage IIIP ($80)
This portable speaker system is arguably the best bang for the buck for a traveler on the go. It’s durable, can play anything that has a 3.5mm jack, and the sound… well the sound is fantastic. It’s clear and crisp, with a surprisingly good low end representation. It puts out more than enough volume to fill any hotel room, or small outdoor area.

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  1. I would like to have a WineSkin, I think it’s very handy when you travel and plan to bring some wine or champagne to your relatives and friends :) And its price is also good :)

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